Alistair Overeem Responds To Dana White: I’m Still The Guy That Wants To Knock People’s Heads Off


Alistair Overeem is back in the win column with a dominating performance against Frank Mir at UFC 169. The win was by no means outstanding, or even very entertaining, but ‘The Reem’ got the job done with relative ease. Although this was not to the liking of UFC president, who spoke out during a Fox Sports 1 interview regarding Overeem’s 169 showing:

“It was a crappy performance, in my opinion. Then he calls out someone who doesn’t even fight anymore. Awesome. It was not a great night for Alistair Overeem.”

Overeem could well have scored a finish against Mir, although his recent showings against Travis Browne and Bigfoot Silva showed that Reem has a tendancy to blow his cardio looking for the KO. By his own admission, Overeem played it safe, as he spoke during today’s episode of The MMA Hour:

“Dana’s a very upfront character. I like that about him, I like to know where I’m at. He’s entitled to his opinion, as we all are. Do i think it’s fair? I think it was a very technical performance. It is what it is. I can’t make more of it now. I can understand him, he’s a promoter, he wants to have exciting fights. Ratings matter, fans matter, fans want exciting fights. That is important. “

“I hope he also understands my position. I mean, of course I’m fighting in a loser leaves town match, so of course, for me, and also since the Travis fight, that has been a factor, a lot of things about my cardio. Sometimes, in life, you don’t always get what you want. Of course, I’d rather had punched him out in one minute, but then, I would have gotten, ‘Yeah, but he can’t last three rounds.’ Then maybe I wouldn’t have learned my lesson from the Travis fight.”

White isn’t singling out Overeem here, as he has been critical in the past about guys like Benson Henderson, but this is the first time it has happened with Overeem. He very nearly had the finish against Travis Browne when they fought, and perhaps that and the fact he was fighting for his job had contributed to the lacklustre scrap in Newark.

“Listen, I’m still that guy that wants to knock people’s head off. But it is important to have that switch. Sometimes it’s not possible. You can want it as hard as you want, and if I look at my history, my last fight, that was my downfall, going for that knockout. So, it’s logical and I hope that viewers back home and everybody watching can understand that.”

Only time will tell about Reem’s full potential in the UFC, and we will know for sure if he gets paired with a heavy hitter in his next bout. His chin has had its fair share of criticism in the past, and a boring style will not do you any favors in the UFC. Let’s hope that ‘The Demolition Man’ can prove us wrong in his next fight.

  • Reem is right- the Bald father is an IDIOT!

    • I have to agree… I get Dana's point of view but The Reem's performance was really good and i don't get how he can say "it was not a great night".. maybe not for HIM as promoter cause all he wants to see is KO's and most of the card fell flat with all the DC's but that's not The Reem's fault. He put a one sided 15 min. whoopin' on Mir, Dana needs to chill out! KO artist or not, you're not always gonna get the finish. Sometimes you need to be smart and just WIN. It's not like he's Benson Henderson or something. Alistair is and has always been a killer, so he can afford 1 technical performance in the octagon.

      • Frank Mir was on life support during that fight, Dana is just a hater these days….How many fighters has he trashed just because they didn't perform the way he wanted…Dana should put on some 4 once gloves and try fighting for 15-25 minutes and let us know how it feels.
        Dana talks smack about his boxing roots, yet he has no professional record to his name…He is so full of shit.

  • Fuck

  • There appears to be a direct correlation between testosterone and confidence.

    No testosterone, no confidence.

    • if overeem had no confidence why would he repeatedly engage with mir on the ground, where many believed that mir would have the advantage

      • man honesty, once Alistair went to the ground with Mir i told my friend wtf was he doing he should know better….after a few seconds i thought about it and said…you know what, he does know better, but his hella confidence in his own ability's…then today on the MMA hour he talked about what Mir was trying to do on the ground, truth be told…he shut me up pretty dam good. Also i think the Overeem fight and Trujillo were the most exiting fights that night the Aldo fight was great, but alot more technical standing, the waiting games.

      • How can someone so dominant on the feet in one fight not pressure for a finish (which was there on multiple occasions).

        Possibly because he was concerned about getting ktfo like in his previous 2 fights?

        Get his grapes out of your mouth.

        Overeem. Over rated.

  • Very well said by Overeem, Dana doesn't care about techniques or game plans or cardio, or the fighters, as long as the fighter delivers the sack of cash, that's it.

  • You can clearly see a difference in overeems body since
    He's not on The juice anymore. Glad to see he brought some
    Elbows into his gameplan. He needs to work on even more TD
    Defense and more cardio. Maybe drop 5-10 lbs and
    Be faster.. He needs to rememeber his muay Thai roots
    Glad to see him in Thailand. He would do good at alpha male with
    Duane or some work with Freddie would be good as well