Alistair Overeem out of UFC 160 with injury; will Mark Hunt face JDS?


Earlier tonight it was reported by MMA Fighting that UFC Heavyweight Alistair Overeem was indeed forced to withdraw from his scheduled UFC 160 bout against Junior dos Santos with an injury. While Overeem is only on the shelf for 4-5 weeks, it is unknown whether JDS will wait to face Overeem or find a replacement opponent for the UFC 160 card.

Unfortunately this is another day in the saga of the fight that was supposed to headline UFC 146 last May. After Overeem’s much-publicized drug test failure, the bout was rescheduled with much less on the line, as neither fighter has the belt at this time. Overeem is coming off a devstating loss to Bigfoot Silva while JDS lost a brutal decision to Cain Velasquez for the title last December.

Still, the battle of two power strikers was much awaited nonetheless. The UFC has not announced any replacement plans as of yet. All hope is not lost, however, as man of the hour Mark Hunt was on hand to comment on the situation:

“If I get the call for the fight, I’m there, of course, and the fans are crazy for it, so it’s good.”

“Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. I’m not injured. I’m always down for a battle.”

“I was born down. You know this.”

So Hunt would have around two months to prepare for a step up in competition in dos Santos. He of course bested Stefan Struve in a battle at UFC on Fuel TV 8 last weekend.

Struve is a good fighter and prospect, but Junior dos Santos is just on another level. A fight against Mark Hunt may serve as a good replacement for fans looking for fireworks between him and Overeem. Does Mark Hunt truly have what it takes to beat one of the world’s elite Heavyweights? We may find out soon.

  • Hunt vs JDS would be awesome!!! Make it happen!

  • Probably better off Reem would've got cream.

    See what I did there.

    • I dont know about creamed the fight he lost seemed to be doing good til he got caught…. but do have to say as a fan Reem has been disappionting with everything and seemed to take the fights for granted now maybe he will realize that UFC is best ofthe best and is no BS in his stand up tends to leave him self open some times ….and Hunt was a forgotten contract a year ago and DAMN has he stepped up so have to hope he does good is a great guy and has gained great muscle mass and lose fat looked awesome last fight so REEM needs to get head out of *** take **** serious

  • It was an undisclosed injury that will keep him out 4-5 weeks. I really think Reem is afraid to get knocked out again. I call shanigans. Hunt is also a K1 WGP champion We have the power guys to get Mark Hunt this fight guys and a chance at a title shot if he beats JDS let our voices be heard. Every tweet @Danawhite, and @UFC for Hunt ot replace reem. Or just tweet what I did just copy and paste it
    @danawhite @ufc The fans want @markhunt1974 vs @junior_cigano dont deny Hunt a big fight again, and his path to the title

    • I find it suspicious too, although I have no actual evidence. The timing of getting injured a week or so after he got his test results back saying his Test levels were lower than normal seems suspect. We know Overeem lies, he knew he was using for years and always told the camera he'd never touched the stuff. Now with this test result I think he knows he's got a valid argument to use TRT again, but not enough time before the JDS fight to get his exemption/levels back. Reem's crafty, calculated and willing to be deceptive. I'd put money on it that this is what's really happened.

  • Overeem to LHW

  • Overeem dodged a bullet.

    • Like Neo getting shot by the agents of the matrix…

  • Yes, the fight make sense and it will sell great, Hunt FTW by KO…

    • I seriously doubt that!

      • Hunt will get picked apart, hits hard, no movement, maybe solid enough chin to make three rounds, but he will get exactly what happened to Carwin.

  • I see Hunt getting out pointed and losing a decision but he could always pull of a KO upset. It is bound to be an awesome fight though and I definitely think he has earned the opportunity. Merry Xmass Junior.

  • Dana White has to be sitting in his office in awe of Hunt. He could have taken the easy road and got paid out his contract but refused, always steps up to fight anyone anytime, has a brutal toughness, has KO power, not to mention the win streak.

    Cmon Dana, make it happen

  • "I was born down. You know this." Hunt is an animal.

  • Yes,make it happen! imagine if the super samoan gets this fight and beats Junior,oh my! seems like you'll have quite the pickle on your hands uncle Dana! 😀

  • I guess Overeem is better off getting injured before the fight than during the fight. Too bad. Hunt /JDS will be awesome.

    War JDS!

  • dont be scared homie

  • The Reem seems to be attracting alot of bad energy…..Legal problems with his former management, testing positive and a suspension, a recent KO in a fight he was suppose to win against bigfoot and now an alleged injury…..

    • Its Karma I dont feel bad esp with his former management and gym

  • People making it out like Overeem is faking are just plain silly. Why would the guy go to the trouble of signing on to fight JDS if he is scared? These two will fight and JDS will lose.