Alistair Overeem Reveals How Much He Weighs

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UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem has a “Big” challenge in front of him at UFC Fight Night 50, in the form of Ben Rothwell. Both men return from significant breaks, as Rothwell has served his nine-month suspension for elevated TRT levels, and “The Reem” has recovered from his elbow surgery. Word was that the former light-heavyweight Overeem was planning on coming back to 205, and the following tweet added to the rumours:

Now, as transcribed by MMAMania, Overeem is weighing a whopping 246 pounds….

“I weighed in when I got here at 247, so I don’t know what all this fuss is about me being 210… Ben’s a big guy, 260-265 pounds. He hits hard. He’s going to be strong. I have to watch out for the overhand right. He has a good left hook. But the submission game, not so much. I’m ready. There’s a lot of new stuff I’m going to show you. I’m learning every day. I went in with an open mindset. [Switching camps] was the right choice. Everyone is fantastic. I’m expecting good results from the high altitude training.”

Either Overeem was trolling at the time of his tweet, or he has gained 37 pounds since he posted it a week ago. Regardless, he will hit the scales later, and you can watch that right hereso stay tuned for any weigh-ins day related headlines featuring the Dutch giant.

Victory tonight for both men is a must, as Rothwell fell in to the promotion’s bad books for his bloods failure, and “Reem” had back-to-back KO losses in 2013, followed by his snoozer decision win against Frank Mir at UFC 169 in February this year. The co-main event in Connecticut will surely not make it to the judge’s decision, what do you think?

  • mindkontrolle

    Rory, he weighed 247 when he first arrived at Jackson’s camp. He was referring to his transformation since changing the overall direction of his affairs. Of course, not taking PED’s will make it impossible for him to be as big as he was before. There was a point when he was massive, 210 is what he originally weighed and the LHW was his original division, as you know. It is a confirmation of his steroid use but it seems like he could be very successful at 205, funny how he might be going after Jon Jones in an effort to save his career…

    • thexperience1

      There’s so much nonsense in your post, i don’t even know where to begin with responding…. so i won’t! 🙂

      Anyway, looking forward to tomorrows fight. Especially to see what kind of strategy Jackson came up with for this fight and if we’ll actually see a slight difference in the way The Reem engages.

  • SpaceJam

    Overeem is a MONSTER. People like to talk shit about him but before steroids or horse tranquilizer or whatever the fuck he was taking, he was a serious and ferocious kick boxer. Overeem has year of extremely high kickboxing knowledge. He bashed Brock Lesnar like a child. He almost Annihilated Travis Browne in the first round but he gassed out. He was giving Bigfoot a beating before he gassed out. Overeem in top shape and ready to go 3-5 rounds is as dangerous as you get in the UFC. Him moving to Jackson’s was great for his career IMO. Blackzillians is a fantastic camp but its not for everyone, Jackson and Winkeljohn are two of the best, if not the two best coaches in MMA. I expect to see a new overeem but nobody should count Rothwell out that dude hits like a Mac Truck. Going to be a sick card can’t wait!!

  • Entity

    Well your type a post caption is another change that sucks. Thats why you only see a couple replies in each thread. Ill be scarce dont worry.