Alistair Overeem Guaranteed Title Shot With Win Over Francis Ngannou


Alistair Overeem could be reentering the UFC heavyweight title picture very soon.

“The Reem” joined The MMA Hour earlier today (Mon. October 2, 2017) to discuss his upcoming fight with Francis Ngannou at the UFC 218 pay-per-view (PPV) on December 2nd in Detroit, Michigan. Overeem stated that he has been informed he will receive a heavyweight title shot if victorious over Ngannou, but didn’t really need to be told that since he’s currently ranked No. 1 (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I didn’t need to be — logical thinking,” Overeem said. “I’m ranked No. 1 now, so the way [I see it], I would be eligible to fight for the belt now, but I also stated that in previous interviews if I need to run through somebody else before, then we’re gonna do that. That is what it is right now. Again, I’m a fighter, I like to be active. To me, that is the best. Some fighters, they are not fighting for a year or a year and a half. I just need to get back in there every four or five months.”

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Currently sitting at 37 years old, Overeem admits that this is likely his last big run in mixed martial arts (MMA):

“Last crack, never say never,” Overeem said. “Again, I love what I do, right? But you notice you’re getting older and you notice there’s more things in life. However, motivation is still super high and we’re still winning our fights. But you have to be realistic, too. You don’t want to end up with too much damage to your body, because there’s life after the sport.”

Overeem is very aware of what Ngannou brings to the table, but is confident that he and his team can produce a winning recipe to down the beloved heavyweight prospect and get back to the UFC heavyweight title picture:

“This is like a legit guy,” Overeem said. “You can see he’s strong as an ox. He’s motivated. He’s willing to fight. I will be kind of his first big name test. I’m very motivated as well. And it’s gonna be a great fight — great matchup.”

“It’s gonna be my job, my team’s job to stop him and to show who is No. 1 — literally who’s No. 1, because I’m ranked No. 1. And then solidify my shot for the title against Stipe.”

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  • Michal J Ferdynus

    good luck Overeem! such an illustrious career!