Ali Bagautinov Suspended One Year Following Positive Test For EPO Before UFC 174


Former UFC flyweight title challenger Ali Bagautinov didn’t do so well against peerless champion Demetrious Johnson in the main event of June 14’s UFC 174 from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, losing a lopsided five round decision to “Mighty Mouse.”

Today, news has broke that “Puncher King” has a whole new set of problems on his hands, as he’s been suspended for one year following a positive test for Recombinant Human Erythropoietin (EPO) prior to UFC 174.

EPO, a performance-enhancing substance that boosts red blood cells, is one of the four substances that Chael Sonnen recently tested positive for prior to his failed UFC 175 bout with Vitor Belfort.

British Columbia athletic commissioner Dave Maedal revealed the news today, stating that Bagautinov was allowed to compete at the June 14 card because the results of his June 2 drug test “were not available prior to the UFC 174 event due to lab processing times.”

This isn’t the first time that Bagautinov has run afoul of drug-testing protocol, as the International Sambo Federation suspended him for two years in 2012 after he tested positive for methylhexanamine following his word combat Sambo championship win in Minsk.

For his part, Johnson spoke up to MMA Fighting to express his disappointment at the finding:

“I’m disappointed to hear that Bagautinov tested positive for EPO. That’s very unfortunate news. But the moral of this story is that I proved on June 14 that you don’t need to cheat, you don’t need PEDs to be a champion. I am proud to be a clean champion and I believe that talent will beat drugs every time out, just like it did last month in Vancouver.”

You can’t argue with “Mighty Mouse” there, but for every clean fighter picking up a big win, there may be many more dirty ones who never get caught. Will the black eye of PEDs ever leave the sport of MMA?

Photo: Anne-Marie Sorvin for USA TODAY Sports

  • A lot of fighters are probably on it. Like in any other sport but how much of an advantage do the drugs really give them in the actual fight? I really don't think it matters a whole lot Ali is talented, was drugged out and still got his ass royally whooped for 5 rounds straight. The drugs mostly help them get through camp. Recover faster, help them loose weight faster, numb the pain so they can work through injuries… but in the actual FIGHT ain't no drugs gonna fucking help you avoid an ass whooping! At the end of the day you still have to perform. The main advantage some of them will have coming into a fight is being well conditioned cause they got to train harder during camp… only to still get their ass whooped! Lol…

    • well then TRT which is not even on the same level as HGH and EPO isnt helping neither yet vitor still gets bashed. It takes years of practice and skill to move and fight like he does. if he lost no1 would be giving him shit cuz then same argument would be made that drugs cant save you from an ass whooping. double standard

      • No it's not… certainly not to the extend people think. That's what i've been preaching here on LK for the past 2 years. I'm glad it's gone though, so I don't have to hear the same ol uneducated crap when Vitor WRECKS Weidman and chops off a couple more heads with lethal kicks.

        • Zip

          Xp,Vitor will never wreck Weidman if off TRT. If tested the same way, he'll be on the same stuff as any other user coming off TRT. Simply take it, or else grow boobs. Weidman destroys a clean Vitor.

          Hell, Weidman destroys a dirty Vitor.

          • We'll see about that when i collect my check after the fight… I'll be posting it right here exclusively on LK!

  • The test must be wrong, there are no drugs in MMA

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    Here's how I would have put it:

    'is one of the substances that Chael Sonnen recently tested positive for prior to his failed UFC 175 bout with Vitor Belfort in which Vitor failed first by testing over twice the normal limit for TRT.

    That's just me.

  • Cheating little fucker, I'm never going to watch him fight ever again.