Alexander Shlemenko vs. Tito Ortiz Is Official For Bellator 120 PPV


Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz has answered the call out from Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko, as ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’ accepted the challenge live during Bellator 116. ‘Storm’ will move up to 205 pounds for the bout, which will take place on Bellator’s inaugural pay-per-view event.

Ortiz is winless since his blitzing of Ryan Bader at UFC 132, and went on to drop TKOs to Rashad Evans and ‘Lil’ Nog’ before leaving the promotion on the back of a decision loss to Forrest Griffin at UFC 148. With only one win in the last eight years, it is very much a do or die scenario for the ‘Bad Boy’.

Originally slated to face Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson last November, Ortiz was struck off the Bellator 106 card with another neck injury. Now he looks forward to facing a smaller, but still very tough opponent in Alex Shlemenko. ‘Storm’ is on a 13-fight spree at present, and the two will add to the growing number of talents on the May 17 card.

‘Rampage’ Jackson and King Mo will settle their ‘Beef’ on the main card that night, and Eddie Alvarez will face Michael Chandler in a championship rubber match at 155 pounds. UFC hall of famer Ortiz, former lhw kingpin ‘Rampage’, King Mo, Alvarez and Chandler; it seems that Bellator is really hoping to kick their PPV debut in to top gear.

BFC prez Bjorn Rebney may be throwing all his eggs in one basket at Bellator 120, but perhaps this will open the floodgates for more MMA prospects that are looking for a cut of the big money. The Landers Center in Mississippi will play host to Ortiz’s promotional debut, but it could well be the 39 year-old’s last venture in the cage.

  • Why I love bellator they always put together interesting fights and don't give a fuck if they make sense. This good do damage to their champ but I love it. Great superhighway to show the world shlemenko is the real deal and a bad mofo

    • If Tito beats Shlemenko (which i expect him to) The bellator brand is in a world of shit.. that's all i know. If Shlemenko wins (which i doubt), it will be a meaningless win.

      Bellator was "the" promotion where you have to prove yourself and fight your way up to the champ. This right here is just as bad as giving immediate rematches, when they're not earned. If your promotion is structured around tournaments, stick to it! It's the 1 thing that Bellator had going for them.

      • They have balls for letting their champ go up in weight and possibly getting a beating. If he wins how the hell is it meaningless? A 185 champ beating a former ufc lhw champ and legend. Lets also not forget shlemenko has been fighting while Tito has been sidelined for almost 2 years. If this is 5 rnds titos fucked

        • Its meaningless cause that former UFC champ, won 1 fight in 8 fucking years and is wayyyyyyyyyyy past his prime! Everybody knows that. So again, beating Tito is meaningless at this point. 10 year ago? yeah it would mean something. Now? not so much…

      • Really you're expecting Tito to win this? He's 39, hasn't fought in nearly two years and is coming off more back problems. I think that will be a serious issue for his wrestling and Shlemenko will win pretty definitively even being the smaller guy.

        • D

          Shlemenko is a welterweight fighting at 185. Tito will have a huge size and strength advantage. He's very tough to finish, so although Shlemenko may land some shots because he will have a nice speed advantage, Tito will eventually drag him to the ground and destroy him there.

      • XP – I'm surprised that you think Tito will beat him. I'll take "Storm" all day.

        With that said, I laughed when the fight was announced. It's a pointless fight, and if this is what BMMA has to stoop to in order to fill a PPV, then they shouldn't be doing them.

        And yeah, stick to the results of the tournaments. The fact that Patricio Freire didn't get his featherweight title show against Daniel Straus was an outrage.

        On another note, next weeks fight between Lima and Hawn is going to be a fight worth watching.

        To me, if BMMA had wanted a decent PPV card, they would have placed Alvarez vs. Chandler at the top and Lima vs. Hawn as the co-main. Jackson kicking the crap out of King Mo and a washed up Tito Ortiz taking on the promotion's middleweight champ are not fights that I"m interested in, nor would I pay for them.

        • Tito is too strong for Shlemenko, his wrestling is too good and his top control too heavy. Once Tito takes it down, it's pretty much over. That ground n pound is second to none. I highly doubt Shlemenko can stop Tito's Takedowns.

          Yes, i was pissed that Freire didnt get his title shot. That just made no sense. Their was a crystal clear #1 contender and they just skipped him and expect him to sit and wait like a little bitch.

          Def. looking forward to Lima vs Hawn too, should be exciting.
          I'm interested in the Rampage vs King Mo fight, for the simple reason i wanna see Mo get his ass whooped again… Lol

  • Lol Bellator is turning into a fucking Circus !!

    • Tito was suppose to fight Rampage. He obviously wasn't going to take a fight against a nobody. This is also a great chance for Alexander to get a big win over a MMA legend.

      • Beating Tito right now means absolutely NOTHING!

        • XP – it does put money in Storm's pocket and it keeps him busy. If not, when is he going to be fighting and getting paid again?

    • The promotion needs some beefing up at the higher weight classes to be sure, but at 170 and below, they can put on some great fights, man. And where they might not be the UFC, they are getting better, and they are gaining an audience.

      I just wish they'd stay away from the PPV model. They just don't have the talent to pull it off, yet. And to be honest, between the UFC's PPVs and their FP charges, the fans MMA dollars are being squeezed ever tighter, and in terms of it, I really wonder how much money and interest is out there to support a BMMA PPV model.

      When I look at the card, and how it's stacked, and that they want to charge for it, to me, that's when it looks like a circus. They should just stick to what they are doing and doing successfully, put their fights on TV for free and grow the brand. To the point, my guess is virtually no one will buy their PPV, where it would have been a huge success on Spike. 🙁

  • Sweee! this is why the UFC sucks, they would never do something like this.

  • They had Tito standing with Schlemenko at the Bellator event. Tito looked huge! against him. I dont mean only his head either.

    • Hopefully Tito comes out with better cardio than a beer drinking couch soth.

  • I heard them say that Shlemenko will be moving up in weight to fight Tito at 205. A loss for Shlemenko at a higher weight and an MMA veteran will not damage his career at all. A win on the other hand at a higher weight class against an MMA veteran will put Shlemenko on the map as a legit fighter and champion. I think this is a great fight on paper and I can't wait to see it. Shlemenko is going to TKO Tito with a huge body shot, just watch!