UPDATED: Alexander Gustafsson’s April 6th bout with Gegard Mousasi apparently still on


With a pivotal light heavyweight bout against Gegard MoUSAsi on the horizon, Alexander Gustafsson has experienced some terrible news. After suffering what appears to be a deep cut over his eye and will not be medically cleared to fight next weekend.

The news comes as devastating to the UFC Sweden card, which is heavily reliant upon the Swedish star power that Gustafsson carries. The official word is yet to be announced by the UFC, but Joe Ferraro tweeted the bad news earlier today:

Hopefully UFC officials can find a new opponent for MoUSAsi, who looks to make his UFC debut after coming over from Strikeforce, where he was one the 205 lb. champ. While injuries have not cancelled fights like last year’s devastating series, Gustafsson’s injury could essentially ruin an entire card. Stay tuned to Lowkick for more news on the subject as it develops.

*UPDATE* MMANytt has released the following on the development:

“MMANytt recently confirmed this with the Swedish MMA Association who explain that it will take a number of weeks before the injury heals up, and that Gustafsson with 99% certainty won’t be medically approved in the medical examination which is planned to go down on Friday”

SMMAF spokeperson Gorge Sallfeldt to MMANytt. “This SMMAF doctor has seen the injury in person, while another two doctors say the same thing after having examined pictures of the injury. Our doctors have looked at this injury, and it’s very hard to imagine it will be medically approved by Friday.”


Dana White has apparently texted MMA Fighting‘s Ariel Helwani, “The [Swedish Mixed Martial Arts Federation] has not said he can’t fight, and he wants to fight.” We will await any official statement on Saturday’s main event.

  • Well that blows……

    • well then who the heck is musasi will be facing, i think they should put forrest so that his as s will retire for sure.

      • I would love to see that fight just for that reason.

    • i hope its just an april fool's joke!

  • Gus is one of my favourite fighters so I'm gutted I won't see him go to war but I'm not too gutted, personally I think he would've dominated Mousasi and even if he did it would've done nothing for him in the rankings.

    Maybe bring Phil Davis in for the fight? I know it ruins his great match-up with Vinny Magalhaes but at least it saves a main event

    • Mousai vs Jacare?

      • @dkm good idea, not sure if Jacare would take the fight at 205 though.

      • booooo… gegard vs forest so that forest griffin will retire.

    • Gotta disagree. I think Mousasi is a better striker.

    • And why would u wanna see Phil Davis in there? All he's gonna do is tie Mousasi up, drag him to the ground and hump him which would make for a boring fight.

      • So that we can still have a main event with decent name guys….

        • I feel ya. I just hate seeing excellent strikers go up against excellent wrestlers. Phil Davis doesn't even stand with Mousasi in his dreams so u know he ain't gonna in real life. But on second thought there really aren't any other big name options. Still got Mousasi to win.

  • April 6th is only days away….Makes you wonder where the head gear was during sparring being so close to the event. How do you find a replacement with Gustaffson profile in Sweden?

    • with 6 days left of a 3 month fight camp you would think he would wear head protection and his team mates should know to not hit him 100% and not to risk anything with sparring with gloves under 16 oz

      • My guess would be that it is was an accidental headbutt.

  • Wow – it ***** because I was really looking forward to that fight.

    • I sure hope not… i wanna see Wandy fight for another while… Mousasi will destroy Wandy and he'll probably retire after that, so I hope that's not the case!