Alexander Gustafsson is Ready For Jon Jones


UFC light heavyweight title contender Alexander Gustafsson met up with our friends at MMA H.E.A.T. at this past week’s UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas to discuss a myriad of topics. HE acknowledges that Jon Jones’ reach always presents problems, but he is confident that he can upset the dominant champion when the two do battle at September 21st from Toronto.

‘The Mauler’ also addressed his controversial withdrawal from his UFC Sweden bout against Gegard Mousasi last April. Gustafsson picked Chris Weidman to beat Anderson Silva, even though he lists Silva as his favorite fighter.

Gustafsson talked about his training leading up to the fight with Jones, noting that he is hard at work on his grappling skills at Alliance MMA, enlisting the only man to submit him in the octagon, Phil Davis. While Davis is obviously no Jones, his submission prowess should help Gustafsson should the fight go to the ground, as it most likely will.

Many people think Gustafsson is the man to finally give Jones a run for his money at 205, but even those slight believers aren’t giving him a wholehearted chance. Is there a possibility that Gustafsson will pull a Weidman and shock the world against Jon Jones this fall? 


  • KO upset number 2 this year…….naaaaahhh.

    • Yeah you right about the "NAAAAAHHH" part

    • Appears Gus got motivated by the main event the other night.

  • As a Swede Of course I will be rooting for Gus. How ever its hard not to give Jones the edge in every area. Maybe with the exception of KO power. But Jones knowing that I think Jones is going to take it to the ground and win by TKO/Sub.

    The first ever Swedish UFC champ tho 🙂 That would be cool. Go Gus!

  • I don't know if Gustafsson can beat Jones but I think he'll be the closet one that can pull it off at this point.

  • 'Gus has nothing that Jones can't handle. Easy win for Jon. TKO round 2.

  • besides machida, i see gustafsson the only one who can defeat jones right now. even when it's damn unlikely, but still i'm cheering for gustafsson. it's time for the first european champion 😉 dennis siver unfortunalety botched it up on saturday 🙁 but was an awesome fitgh tho!

  • I think the Mauler has a chance but not a good one. His grappling is good, just not good enough even without factoring the novelty of a reach disadvantage.

    Now, ask me what I think about Jones vs Gustafsson 2…

  • I see a mauling taking place.

  • gm1

    Gus could not beat Jones on his best day.
    There are NO AREAS where Gus is better than Jones.
    This fight will be over in he first round!!!!!!!!!!