Alexander Gustafsson: If Jon Jones Can’t Fight, I Want Lyoto Machida Next


Alexander Gustafsson has certainly made his mark on the UFC Light-Heavyweight division, the Sweidish Mauler is on a six fight win streak and eying up a potential title shot down the line. Although with Jon Jones sidelined for an undisclosed period, Gustafsson may be setting his targets elsewhere. Check out this interview via MMA Fighting

“I want to fight Jones. I want to fight for the title, that’s what I want to do,” Gustafsson said. He added. “If Jones will be out for a longer time, I’d fight Machida if that’s what the UFC wants. Of course, and if Machida wants it, no problem. I’ll fight him. I’m not going to wait for a long time. I fought ‘Shogun’ in December. I want to fight soon. I want to fight in a couple of months at least, I want to fight soon. If Jones can’t fight, which I would understand because [his injury] looked very nasty, I’d fight Machida, too. If Jones can fight in few months, I would love to fight him.”

Gustafsson is obviously keen to stay active, and is not falling in to the same trap that many fighters before him have. Waiting out for a couple of months for a title bout can be considered, but the way things are in MMA-nothing is guaranteed. In my opinion its better for a fighter to stay active rather than gather dust, and a fighter like Gus will have no problem hovering at the high end of the division should Jones be out for a while.

Apart from Lyoto Machida and Jon Jones, there aren’t really that many other fights for ‘The Mauler’ to consider. Glover Texeira? Antonio Nogueira? Or maybe a rematch with Phil Davis to avenge his solitary loss, after the two met at UFC 112 where Davis choked Gustafsson in to submission.

So if Jones is out for a long time-Who takes it between ‘The Mauler’ and ‘The Dragon’?


  • Be careful what you wish for.

    • True that…. I think Machida is a VERY bad match up for him…

      • @ The Experience

        Lyoto is a tough go for anyone. Even The Champ. I'd give no man in the division a pass, when it comes to The Dragon.

        • What??? Jones choked him out on his feet, his 2 front teeth broke his fall patna!!! Shogun had his corner icing his thighs & back after the first round. Stop your jocking doggy.

          • @ Hate

            And I'd tell you to do the same. Jones in all likelihood lost the first round of that fight, to Machida. The Dragon did better in that round than any fighter who had faced Jones. Yeah, he got dropped. Big deal. A re-match is a re-match and we have no idea of how much better prepared LM might / will be, next time around.

            However and more to the point, Gus is not Jones. At least not yet. Any fighter who would take him on and say…well, Jones beat him and I think I can beat Jones, so by deduction, I should be able to be Machida….is a fool.

            Gus and every fighter in 205, needs to take LM seriously. Sorry if you recall Machida's career differently.

      • i think gufstasson will easily defeat lyoto machida and will absolutely destroy him, guftafsson destroyed shogun and shogun destroyed machida twice so why the heck gufstasson wants to fight machida, i think the bes suit for him to fight is with gegard musasi, i think musasi is more contender than machida and more finisher,

        • I don't know how many times people will make the mistake of MMA Math. STYLES MAKE FIGHTS. All i know is Gus has some serious nuutssss. He's been asking to remain active taking fights that aren't easy. It's not like asking for cans while waiting for his title shot. He wants easily 1 of the best LHW fighters in the world. I'd say #2 Behind obviously Bones Jones. I think it would be a great fight and serious test for Gus. Shogun's movement isn't anywhere near Machida's he honestly stood in front of Gus trying to move forward and land bombs, it's be interesting to see Gus deal with someone who moves better than he does. (not more but better) I'd actually have to take Machida

  • I think Machida and Alex both have claims to that #1 contender spot but given the time that Jones will be out for rehab, these two can square off to make title challenger who has earned his spot more than double what is needed (similar to guys like Hendricks, Korean Zombie, Lamas etc.).

    Obviously it's good to get the ordinary #1 contender like Hominick for Aldo, Weidman for GSP, Rampage for Jones, Bigfoot for Cain…. but it adds something special to the fight when the challenger has managed to battle and somehow survive against numerous top 10 killers, something very improbable in our crazy sport.

    • machida is out of line he wins to mr dan henderson because that was just a comeback fight for henderson, he was in rehab in a long time, i think musasi and alex should be the number 1 contender.

      • what… nothing against Mousasi but he hasn't got a good UFC level win in years, not even fought anyone anywhere near the top 10 in a long time either.

        While Machida just destroyed Ryan Bader and then stopped Hendo's crazy streak.

  • Weidman for GSP?? Think u got divisions mixed up there buddy

  • machida would finish alex in the later rounds. when alex slows down, his holes in his game plan get really wide, but when machida slows down, hes still very aware and dangerous. alex would be good too because of his long limbs to warm him up for jones and alex would be able to chase machida easier and possibly work machida on the offense.

    • is this a joke? shogun easily destroyed machida twice and alex destroyed shogun not really easily but i think unanimously.

      • Lyoto has improved much more than Shogun has since their fights

  • Machida closes distance quick and was able to land shots on jones who had like 10" of reach advantage. Difference is that jones is a lot quicker then alex, so his chin will definatly be getting tested against machida who does pack good power. Be a good test to see how tough alex's chin is since he hasnt been in any crazy wars.

  • It will be good to put gus in, a tall and long fighter against bones. But Chael deserved his shot. He proved how competitive he is against bones. he completely outwrestled him, outstruck him and even managed to break bones foot. amazing performance. shocked the fight was stopped early when Chael was pulling off a crazy turtle submission.

    • You had me going there for a second, Enjoy. I thought…"deserved the shot", are you kidding me? And of course, you were.