Alexander Gustafsson: Everybody has weaknesses


UFC Light Heavyweight title contender Alexander Gustafsson is campaigning to be champion Jon Jones’ toughest test in the Octagon to date. After all, when the two clash in the main event of UFC 165 on September 21st from Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Gustafsson will be the taller fighter. That’s a challenge that Jones hasn’t been presented with before.

But he’s also been one of the most dominant champions in UFC history, and his ability to take opponents head on in their strongest area is making him a scary proposition for any opponent. If he runs through Gustafsson, many will be calling for Jones’ long-rumored move up to Heavyweight.

Gustafsson is looking to stop that talk in its tracks, and even though most are giving him much of a chance to emerge from UFC 165 with the belt, he has a clear view of how he can upset the No.1-ranked P4P fighter in Jones:

“Everybody has weaknesses, we’re human beings. It’s up to me to find out in the fight what he’s weak at and what he’s strong at. To do this sport, you need to be a special individual. I feel confident, and I know it. My gameplan in this fight is to pick him apart. I know the belt is mine.” – via

Indeed Gustafsson may be the only fighter at 205 to come close to negating Jones’ insane reach. But ‘Bones’ still maintains a reach advantage despite Gustafsson being the taller fighter. ‘The Mauler’ will have his hands full in Toronto, and Jones has guaranteed that if the fight goes to the ground, Gustafsson will experience the most brutal ground-and-pond he’s ever felt.

This battle could be another notch on the belt for Jones, or Gustafsson could surprise many by showing up and giving ‘Bones’ a run for his money. Will Gustafsson provide a challenge, or is he just another name on a long list of victims?


  • Ivy

    I'm tired of Jones being champ. War GUS!!!!!!!

    • Better ****** you a Red Bull Mr. Tired Man cuz Gus ain't the answer.

      • WTF i cant say s.n.a.t.c.h. Is lowkick endorsed by Disney or something

  • Unfortunately for 'Gus none of Jones weaknesses have anything to do with fighting. Pick him apart? Too damn funny!

  • Bones biggest weakness is those skinny chicken legs. Bones is an amazing fighter but its hardly a fair fight when someones arms are twice a long as yours. That's why Mike Tyson was such a rare specimen.

  • Go ahead and try kicking those '' chicken legs'' and see what happens… You're going to get taken down. Jones has no weaknesses, he's at that level now, there are certain things he's not dominant at, but that's the extent. He's complete and will end up losing when he makes a technical mistake and that's about it. Yes, Gus may pose a threat and sure glover may as well. But hard to bet against a guy that has left every fight untouched with the exception of his toe throwing up gang signs after the sonnen tilt.

  • Bite 'em chicken legs!!!