Aleksander Emelianenko returns to MMA, signs contract with ProFC


Aleksander Emelianenko has un-retired himself, after calling it quits following his submission loss to Jeff Monson in November under the M-1 banner. The younger brother of the legendary Fedor Emelianenko compiled a 21-6 record over a 10 year career. Aleksander made a statement to ProFC’s website regarding his comeback:

“I have spent the last few months in an Orthodox monastery on Mount Athos in Greece and had many conversations with the elders and priests there.I communicated a lot with Elijah, the confessor of our Metropolitan, and he gave me the advice and the blessings to return to the sport. I have since signed a long-term contract [with ProFC] and soon, tentatively in the summer, you will see my debut inside their cage.”

Emelianenko was considered a dangerous striker during his time in Pride FC earning 13 knockout victories over his entire MMA career. The later part of his career was mostly spent fighting for Eastern European organizations so there is no change there.

Fedor Emelianenko was recently quoted as saying that he would return to MMA only with god’s blessing. It would appear that at least one of the Emelianenko brothers has been given the O.K by the man upstairs. The obvious question would be If or when will Fedor be making a return?

Another question that comes to mind, regarding either man, is will they be relevant at this stage? If Fedor does choose to return to the sport in which he was so dominant, where will he go? Who will he fight? If he does return, I do hope he hasn’t burnt too many bridges with the UFC and Dana White.


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          • @ Mr H Evan:)

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  • I hope Fedor visits the Orthodox monastery on Mount Athos in Greece and gets the same blessing to return to MMA.

  • I hope Fedor realizes that "God is a concept", no more real than Santa Claus… and at least Santa makes people genuinely happy, they get a gift in this life, rather than pretending that the gifts are in the next life… oh and god needs your cash or you wont get in…

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    • Hopefully god gives Fedor a call soon. I'd like to see him compete once or twice.

      A superfight against Anderson would be wonderful.

  • Gotta agree with Entity. Even if you are not a believer in God, you know that the person making the statement DOES, so it is an in accurate writing by purposely NOT capitalizing it. It's actually more of a slap in the face done intently to those who do believe in God.

    • It's not a slap in the face at all. God being capitalized (which was done there strictly because it began a sentence) is only common knowledge for religious people, or people privy to that background.

      It's just not correct to do so when quoting somebody using it in that connotation.

      • However, it wasn't directly quoted so not doing so isn't correct (or incorrect for that matter).

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  • Ok everybody play nice if people need ritual to make their life better so be it, at least that is my opinion and you will find that most people have some sort of 'ritual' and many like it to be organized no surprise here this is anthropology 101. You can't prove God exist or doesn't exist as it is a philosophically 'unknowable phenomenon' you can 'believe' but that is not proof and you can argue like a douchebage about evidence but you know from the start it is not provable or disprovable again it is personal believe, however if some organized religious fanatics or fascists try to tell me how to live or try to harm me then I will defend myself vigorously. It is again,a personal opinion, but Alexander seems to be about as religious as Christopher Hitchens lol, AE is a criminal drug user with hepatitis C who the hell is he going to fight? "Hi let me bleed all over you I have hepatitis C", he is just using religion as a smoke screen for his bullshit as usually, again I ask what athletic commission, that is not corrupt, will allow a Hep C infected fighter to compete?

    • Yo what are you talking about? I just felt like someone woke me up from a nap after reading that.

    • @Mr Kungfurule

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