Aldo vs. Edgar fight video highlights


Jose Aldo retained his Featherweight championship belt on Saturday night, defeating Frankie Edgar in a match that went the distance on a night of great MMA action. The victory came via split decision: 49-46, 49-46 and 48-47.

Watch these Fox Sports Aldo vs. Edgar fight video highlights for a complete picture of how it went down. Stay tuned to LowKick for complete analysis and post-fight coverage.


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Feature photo by alvez under 2.0 CC license

  • This fight lived up to everything I personally thought it would be. Should be in consideration for Fight of the Year when December hits.

    Aldo looked like the winner at the end of the Fight; however, I had Edgar winning the 4th, 5th, and even a slight edge in the 3rd round. Very tough fight to call; but there is no way this should of been a unanimous decision.

    Anytime your waiting on results for extended periods of time you just feel as if someone is getting ripped off. Great fight, both guys put on a hell of a performance.

  • these judges are so fucking dumb and blind to what is going on. Just because Aldo dominated frankie for the first 2 rounds and established himself as the better fighter they completely wrote edgar off until the 5th when a disabled kid couldve picked who won that round. It was a hard fought battle but if you look at it round by round which is what the judges should be doing Edgar won rnds 4,5 and possibly 3….but then again what does it say when frankie won 4/5 rnds in his second fight with bendo and still lost

  • It actually was a unanimous decison, but easily could have gone the other way.

    I think what we're seeing is that Frankie's style is not judge-friendly. He throws a high volume of punches and lands more but eats significant strikes. Having your face busted up shouldn't change the scoring, but I think it does.

    This fight reminded me of another fight where Edgar took the harder punches but landed more often… Penn-Edgar 1. Similar fight, different judges, different result.

  • If I scored the fight as a whole I would probably go with Aldo. But round by round basis I give it to Edgar.

    But regardless fight's done and dusted now. feel for Edgar because his style isn't judge friendly but he'll be back, he's too good not to be. I suspect we'll see these two fighting again within a year or two at most. The fight was excellent. I said in another post that Aldo was running away a lot at times yet receives no criticism. We'll I'm not criticising him, it's wise to avoid your opponents attack, it'd be stupid not to, but the hypocrites on here and elsewhere haven't had a single word to say about it yet when their favourite Diaz got a spanking by Condit all you heard was how Condit ran away. there's nothing different to what Aldo did to what Condit did but hey ho haters gonna hate.

    Brilliant fight. I'm not sure it is a fight of the year candidate in terms of total damage accumulated as there's bound to be less skilled fighters equally matched smashing the living shit out of each other, but in terms of skill I'd defo award it fight of the year. Was astoundingly good by both fighters.

  • What a night!! First we had Fitch getting Fitched (how amazing was that!), then the so called best striker in MMA got KOed the Fuck out by BF standing up, then a well deserved spotlight for one of MMA greatest journeymen in Minotouro and finally a brilliant performance by Aldo… he the first top 5 p4p to beat a fellow top 5 p4p in the UFC??…..special thx to Anton for reaching legendary fight picking status – seriously! – betting against his picks is for sure the best investment of the post Lehman era!! Thank you Anton for one of the best MMA nights of my life!!

    • Fitch got fitched, lol…Well, at least Demian was working for a sub the entire time, not just laying and praying. Props to John for defending the sub, but yea, Maia did not just "control" his opponent without an attempt to finish.

  • By the way: for those complaining about the scoring read the bellow – scorring criteria is very clear: Aldo wins 1,2,3 and 5

    1. Judges are required to determine the winner of a bout that goes to it's full time limit based upon the following criteria:
    -Clean Strikes
    -Effective Grappling
    -Octagon Control
    -Effective Aggressiveness

    F. Clean Strikes
    1. The fighter who is landing both effective and efficient clean strikes.
    2. There are two ways of measuring strikes:
    -the total number of clean strikes landed (more efficient)
    -the total number of heavy strikes landed (more effective)

    G. The heavier striker who lands with efficiency, deserves more credit from the Judges than total number landed.
    1. If the striking power between the fighters was equal, then the total number landed would be used as the criteria.
    2. The total number of strikes landed, should be of sufficient quantity favoring a fighter, to earn a winning round.

    H. Strikes thrown from the top position of the guard, are generally heavier and more effective than those thrown from the back.
    1. Thus a Judge shall recognize that effective strikes thrown from the top guard position are of "higher quality", than thrown from the bottom.
    2. The Judge shall recognize that this is not always the case.
    However, the vast majority of fighters prefer the top guard position to strike from. This is a strong indication of positional dominance for striking.

    I. Effective Grappling
    1. The Judge shall recognize the value of both the clean takedown and active guard position.
    2. The Judge shall recognize that a fighter who is able to cleanly takedown his opponent, is effectively grappling.
    3. A Judge shall recognize that a fighter on his back in an active guard position, can effectively grapple, through execution of repeated threatening attempts at submission and reversal resulting in continuous defense from the top fighter.
    4. A Judge shall recognize that a fighter who maneuvers from guard to mount is effectively grappling.
    5. A Judge shall recognize that the guard position alone shall be scored neutral or even, if none of the preceding situations were met.(items 2-4)
    6. A Judge shall recognize that if the fighters remain in guard the majority of a round with neither fighter having an edge in clean striking or effective grappling, (items 2-4), the fighter who scored the clean takedown deserves the round.
    7. A clean reversal is equal to a clean takedown in effective grappling

    J. Octagon Control
    1. The fighter who is dictating the pace, place and position of the fight.
    2. A striker who fends off a grappler's takedown attempt to remain standing and effectively strike is octagon control.
    3. A grappler who can takedown an effective standing striker to ground fight is octagon control.
    4. The fighter on the ground who creates submission, mount or clean striking opportunities

    K. Effective Aggressiveness
    1. This simply means who is moving forward and finding success.(scoring)
    2. Throwing a strike moving backwards is not as effective as a strike thrown moving forward.
    3. Throwing strikes and not landing is not effective aggressiveness.
    4. Moving forward and getting struck is not effective aggressiveness.

    • Interesting information. What's the source of it?

      Using this criteria, I think Edgar actually took round 5 based on volume of striking and aggression. Round 3 probably went to Aldo but was hard to call.

      But you'd never be biased towards the Brazilian, right?

    • You did that from memory right Brasil?….just say yes 8)

    • By all of that information, Frankie won the 4th and 5th.

  • Frankie got robbed once again

    • That was no robbery . Read the rules above. "Effective striking". I can spar the 12 year old next door, and he jump around and chase me down 2x as fast and hit me many more times, but not a damn one of those punches do damage. Thats like watching Edgar in that fight. He threw punches , Jose threw damage. End of story, why does everybody cry for the little engine that could when he looks like he is winning just because he moves around more and taps his opponent. Jose had the more effective striking , period, for most of the fight.

      • @ie

        dont pay attention to KWEEF STERILE. he is new around here

  • The judges that scored the fight 49-46 need shot in the foot. Frankie at least won 2 of the rounds.

  • I had Aldo winning the 1st and 2nd. Edgar won the 4th. The 3rd and 5th could have went either way imo. I was pulling for Edgar btw. It was a lot closer than people are claiming. Edgar got robbed??? No way. It was a very close fight and I really enjoyed it. I think Edgar was waiting for Aldo to gas and that really didn't happen.

    • Exactly, Frankie has the heart of a lion but his style of conditioning training makes for a lot of repetitive attacking patterns. Kind of like Guida, or Sherk. They are hard workers and have the ability to end fights. However, not all that busy work is effective. He landed very few clean shots. Power punches all that fight metric crap whatever. Aldo landed many more clean damaging shots that show a dominance in striking. Frankie had no real scoreing takedowns that were not reversed instantly. Aldo was never in danger, no matter how many time Edgar kicked or punched Aldo's hands, elbows, forearms or legs…it just can't equal the clean strikes Aldo landed.