After some choice words by Vitor, Sonnen fires back on Fuel TV post-fight show


Following his victory over Michael Bisping at UFC on FX 7, Vitor Belfort had some choice words for Chael Sonnen, calling him a “clown” and a “punk” while oddly enough requesting a Light-heavyweight title rematch with Jon Jones. When given the mic Vitor had the following to say:

“Take that punk Chael Sonnen, I don’t even know what your name is, and get out,” Belfort said right after the fight. “Dana, Lorenzo, kick him out. Let me fight Jon Jones. I need that rematch. Take that clown away. Go home. You did a reality show, go home. Let me fight the real champion. A champion against a champion – not that clown.”

During the post-fight show on Fuel TV, while discussing the fight Sonnen had his opportunity to address Vitor and obviously took it:

“Let me be really clear and speak directly to you, Vitor. You’ve been telling the world you want to meet Jesus, and I’ll gladly arrange that travel. But first, I’m going to get rid of Jon Jones, but you are next.”

“Let me be clear. Vitor, I accept, but don’t make any mistake about that. You’ve called me out twice now. Once after I signed a contract to fight Anderson, and once when you know I was busy with Jon Jones, but I’m letting you know I accept.”

While being interviewed by Heidi Androl after his win, Belfort had the following message for Chael Sonnen:

“He is a clown. Get out, get out of the way. You just got knocked out pretty badly by Anderson Silva, then you fight Jon Jones. You don’t deserve it. Do the reality show. … Let me fight. Real champion vs. real champion. I think you are a good athlete, but you need to go to the back of the line and let me fight the real champion in a rematch.”

And as always Sonnen was the one with the final word.

“I’m really confused as to what’s going on. I don’t know if he knows we’re not in the same weight class. I don’t know if he knows he’s not the champion. I keep hearing him say champion vs. champion. He keeps saying to come move out of the way. I would never tell someone to move out of the way but I’d damn sure knock them out of the way. Vitor, that’s one thing you’re not going to be able to do.”

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  • Excuse me but Vitors KO by Silva was way worse than Chaels KO,I actually gave Vitor a chance going into that fight,because the way he fights&he got ridiculed by AS,no way in my eyes he deserves another title shot just yet,work your way up again,Bisping's gotta do it&so should you..sorry bud!

    • Vitor is saying he is the champ?? Everyone knows the champ is Chael,,,Chael even told me so.

    • Funny thing about the Silva vs Victor fight is that maybe 80% of the people wanted Anderson to lose along with 90% of Lowkick also wanted Silva to lose. Because how he fought with Maia and how Chael won 4 rounds vs. Silva, also because most didt like the mask Silva had at the weight ins with Vitor. Hope ya remember!! theres alot more Silva Bandwagons since then..the force is strong

      • Way to make up random stats and percentages you douche.

        • LOL! the percentage, i was trying to come close to what they seemed like lol BUT the STATS are REAL! you can go back and LOOK! at the betting odds if that makes you feel better but the truth is that people were wanting Silva to lose. Im no douche, take that in your pipe in smoke it! rip that…

    • You can't go by who got KOd worse when picking a likely winner. You have to go by style. Stylistically Sonnen has zero chance of beating Vitor. On the feet he gets KOd more quickly than Bisping did. On the ground he gets subbed. Vitor would destroy Chael in under two rounds.

      • I'm sorry,I hate to say it because I hate Chael, but I think he would lay n pray and wear out Vitor. Michael never closed distance, put him in clinch and tried to take him down really, that is why he eventually got caught. You know Chael, he is gonna come out, throw a fake shot or 2, then duck and put Vitor on his back. It will be the same story as vs Silva the first time, unless Vitor gets really good at TDD. By second round Vitor will be gassing. When is the last time you seen Chael get KO'd. I really want Vitor to whip him, but I just cannot help but think it will be a boring decision to Chael.

      • @ChokePeople
        a grinding wrestler has no chance against Vitor?

        Damn dude, go watch Vitor's past fights…. that was his weakness. Sonnen is the worst stylistic match up for Vitor.

        Im still blown away about how that was the stupidest thing I have read on Lowkick. There goes all your credibility of MMA knowledge. gtfo lol

    • pap you know nothing about mma how is a very first time highlight reel frontkick . worse than someone spinning, landing on there ass, looking up, and getting kneed in the solarplex. vitor Belfort for the MW title shot he deserves it won his last 3 fights at middleweight and hes not injured so that beats Weidmans track record… along with everyone else at MW. just because he stepped up for the company and fought jones on two weeks notice when no one in his division would doesent mean he should get penalized he should actually get rewarded.

  • True Silvas KO on Belfort was way worse, but Sonnen isn't one to talk about Belfort calling himself a champion. It's not like Sonnen didn't do that for the last 2 years lol

  • I want to see silva x Vitor 2…..Bisping was the #1 contender and got man handled (reminded me a bit of gonzaga x CC and that earned him a shot a Randy)….anyway….is there a better stand up match up out there at MW???? Silva beat enough wrestlers already…..LET THEM BANG BRO!!!

    • LET ME BANG BRO!!!

  • I don't get where Vitor is coming from on this one. However, it does demonstrate the man's willingness to have a short turn around time and climb back into The Octagon.

    On the point of Jones, Vitor has done nothing to warrant that fight. I don't know why he didn't call out Silva, which makes far more sense. And why he's dragged Sonnen into this, I have no idea. I know one thing, I'm tired of Sonnen getting fights based on rhetoric, his or anyone else's. It would be nice to see him have to earn his fights, as opposed to his hype skill, luck or willingness to take a fight. Should Sonnen lose to Jones there would no reason to match him against Belfort, regardless of which division.

    Silva / Belfort 2 in May. That's the fight…for The Division. The Champ has beaten him before, I'd see no reason, but only excuses for turning down that fight and there is more than enough precedent to allow for it.

  • vitor didn't call chael out. chael say "he accepts" because he just wants to make sure he'll still be in the picture after he'll get destroyed by jones. vitor beat the number one contender in an impressive way. I think he deserves his rematch. also nobody was closer to beating jon jones.

    • So Vitor deserves a rematch against Jones who is a light heavyweight champ, because he beat the Middleweight contender? I do not see the logic in this.

  • Ive never seen Vitor pull a triangle, so I'll take Sonnen in that fight. Vitor couldnt last 1 round with Silva, what the hell is Vitor rambling about. Maybe it was the over the top Brazillian crowd (disrespectful as hell also) that motivated that crap IDK.

  • Dear Staff,

    PLEASE discontinue using the bold background for the quotes. It's a pain in the ass to read. A simple block quote would be just fine.

    Thank you,

    • Maybe its your browser, I have no problem reading it.

  • Lets be rational. He is basically stating the fact that Chael does not deserve a shot at the champ in the 205 division while being on a losing streak regardles of weight class. And While Vitor moved up to fight Jones at spur of the moment he was currently on a winning streak. As he is now…….And his job as a reality star should be over after filming TUF. And time for the fighter to step in….All in all Vitor vs Chael I'll watch. As I do all Vitor fights

  • actually not a losing streak but a loss….

  • I would like to see Vitor against weidman or maybe boetsh, or better yet the Poison Dwarf!

  • Hahaha people keep mentioning Vtitor couldn't go one round with Silva and he got knocked out and Chael went 4 rounds with him blah blah blah. Think of this you retards, Vitor knocked out Bisping something Chael Sonnen couldn't even come close to. Infact many people including myself believe that Bisping beat Sonnen and Bisping deserved the title fight.

    I use to hate Vitor Belfort he was constantly over hyped as being some knockout machine and in all his interviews his rants about Jesus were just ridiculous.(I believe in God but I don't think God or Jesus has anything to do with who wins a sport) Now Vitor has earned my respect. He came into the Bisping fight in amazing shape and looked like he could of easily gone 5 rounds. He put up a better fight against Jones then any other fighter in the division and then comes out and knocks out a fighter who had only been knocked out once in his 18 fight UFC career.

    Since getting his head kicked off by Silva, Belfort has gone 3-0 at middleweight with 2 knockouts and 1 submission. He has earned my respect and made me into a believer. The thing with this is that I don't really want to see him fight Silva again for some reason. I would like to see someone get a chance against Silva that hasn't faced him yet the problem with that is there is no one else at the top of the division that deserves the title shot either. Weidman is getting close but hes been on the shelf and I don't think he has quite earned it yet having only beat 2 legitimate middleweight contenders (munoz and maia) This leaves Stann, Boetsch, Belcher,Munoz and Bisping all coming off losses.While Costa Philippou, Luke Rockhold and Hector Lombard are all coming off big wins. To me this is quite the mess, the middleweight division is looking competetive but a little TOO competetive. Vitor may just be the best looking challenger right now for the crown but with how bad he lost to Silva the first time I just don't want to see that fight.

    • oh shut up Dipstick…calling others retards. You resemble that remark.

      • Well you failed to capitalize the start of your sentence but you managed to put a capital on 'dipstick'. Great job putting that educated mind to use. If you took offence to being called a retards that's from your own insecurity. Clearly you made no attempt to point out that I was wrong in my post you just felt the need to say something because you're emotionally insecure.

  • I missed Cung Le ^ he is coming off a big win as well.

  • Hey Dipstick…Vitor has never been an overhype. This guy has been delivering since the days. Maybe you should also peep his career outside the ufc as well. So many expert opinions on lowkick lately–too awesome. And please get Cung Lees name out of here. nice Ko on Frank but hmmmmmm…….

    • Hes definitely a Dipstick or Dipshit

  • You mad son?