A look back in time: Five memorable Strikeforce bouts


This weekend, Strikeforce will close its doors as a promotion, and it’s been a slow, and at times, painful death. However, there was a day when Strikeforce was the number two operation in the world and boasted an impressive array of fighters. When the dust settles on Saturday night, Strikeforce will go down in history as a failed venture that never lived up to its potential. But at the end of the day, they put on some memorable fights featuring some great fighters. Let’s take a look at five of the best:

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Dan Henderson:

When these two legends met in a superfight in late July of 2011, a match was made that Pride FC fans had been clamoring for many years prior. Fedor came in incredibly game, and Henderson was the promotion’s newly crowned Light Heavyweight champ, having bested Rafael Cavalcante earlier that year. The bout was a legendary slugfest that saw Fedor rock Henderson with a barrage of punches, only to see Henderson use a slick wrestling reversal and KO Emelianenko with a powerful uppercut on the ground.

Nick Diaz vs. Paul Daley:

Another match of explosive strikers, this fight featured two bad boy personas rather than the soft-spoken attitudes of Henderson and Fedor. Diaz, as Welterweight champ of the time, was wisely expected to use his BJJ pedigree to outclass the British striker Daley. But this bout showed just how stubborn Nick Diaz can be, as he chose to stand and trade. Both fighters rocked each other, and one point, it seemed like Diaz was just about out. However, he came back with some thunderous hits of his own and earned the TKO finish.

Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh Thomson III:

These two rivals met for the third time at the World Heavyweight Grand Prix Final. Melendez was talked of as the Lightweight champ who should be in the UFC fighting better competition. But Thomson gave him all he could handle in an absolute war. While Melendez showed great striking and defense early on, it was in fact Thomson who used great takedowns in the later rounds. In the end, Melendez kept his streak alive, winning the grudge match with a five round decision.

Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock:

Strikeforce was just beginning to make waves when MMA legend Frank Shamrock faced off with dynamic striker and Sanshou champ Cung Le in early 2008. We saw a rare site in MMA, as Shamrock was thoroughly outclassed on the feet with a whirlwind of strikes from Le. Le broke the arm of Shamrock with a kick, and the former UFC Light Heavyweight champ never fully recovered. Cung Le was the new Middleweight champion.

Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate:

When Ronda Rousey was scheduled to fight Miesha Tate for the Women’s Bantamweight title in March of 2012, she was a relatively unknown, albeit undefeated, judoka with an Olympic medal to her name. Tate cried she didn’t even deserve the title shot. Rousey proved her wrong with brutal effectiveness, securing a first round armbar that ultimately tore the ligaments from Tate’s elbow. Ronda Rousey was catapulted into the stardom that she has since parlayed into the inaugural UFC Women’s title.

These fights were all very exciting for me to watch, and showed a glimpse that there could be great MMA outside of the UFC in current times. It was not meant to be, however. You may think that other fights deserved to make the list, so let me know what your favorite Strikeforce bouts are in the comments below.

  • The fact that these fights are the "most memorable" tell the story of StrikeForce' demise.

    • I didnt see the word more anywhere, this topic is subjective to the writer

    • I would say Cyborg vs Carano if a female fight is to be most memorable

      • nope.

        mayhem miller getting a skrap pack beatdown was the most

        • @onemorefool nope because that wasn't a bout… read next time please

      • I would definitley put that above Rousey vs. Tate. Although, that fight was pretty memorable.

  • Who cares about the most memorable bouts in SF history. To me, watching big, bad Fedor getting tapped out by Werdum was my favorite. That beautiful triangle/armbar definitely got me out of my seat.

    Vai Cavalo!

  • This is a decent list with most of the most memorable bouts but I think Fedor getting tapped is probably the biggest moment in the history of the promotions.. one of the biggest moments in MMA over the last few years.

    Going to miss Strikeforce!!

  • UFC is slowly dismantling all their competitors. The pride days are gone, the strikeforce days are gone… Next will be bellator. Its easy to monopolise the sport when you can starve your competitors with billions of dollars behind you in advertising and man power. Which organization will be next to fall into the jaws of UFC?

    • bellator doesnt even count as competition for the ufc.

    • Bellator will finally be an adversary on the level of PRIDE. Viacom>Zuffa

    • Showtime is responsible, they wanted all these UFC guy's to go over to strikeforce. and that's not smart business. Dana White even offered a few guy's but that wasn't good enough. Therefore the end of Strikeforce was inevitable. Showtime knew bringing the UFC guy's over would give them a bigger name to promote mma afterwards. And if you read between the lines, they probably wanted to make a play at some of these fighter's.

      • ????

        Zuffa bout the company from a group of investors, not showtime. After they renegotiated they had to add in terms to keep certain stars because the UFC was taking all their top draws.

  • its business should should the NFL helped out the XFL

  • UH! What about Jake Shields vs Dan Henderson, i think Jake Shields was the biggest underdog of all time in that one.

    • Yeah, that was definitely a memorable fight. Coming back from that flash KO in R1 to dominate Hendo for the rest of the fight was pretty amazing even if the pace was classic Shields.

      • The most annoying fight of all-time. Fucking Dan Henderson.

        • Honestly, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time thinking "is this really happening? Any minute now Dan is going to explode and put this guy away. What? Another round for Shields. OMFG HE JUST WON?!?!? OMGWTFBBQ!?!?!" In a really weird way it was an exiting fight for me.

  • I would've chose Carano vs Cyborg instead of Rouser vs Tate, one thing was for sure in the SF era and it was that they put on great shows with only a few exceptions, it's sad that another promotions is fading while the UFC is getting closer to become a perfect monopoly, this is not good for the sport.

  • remember aoki vs melendez? manhoef vs lawler? what a fight! did you know cain velasquez made his pro debut for strikeforce? remember hershel walker story? what a great guy! remember the strikeforce hwgp? when arlovski got ktfo by rogers in like 20 seconds?! cormier vs barnett? fedor fights? vitor belfort vs alistair overeem back in the day?
    so many great fighters fought for strikeforce! so many great fights! so many great memories!

    • You brought a few good memories to my mind, thanks!

      Yea Strikeforce is a lot deeper than a lot of us rememeber