A Brief History Of Wanderlei Silva And Chael Sonnen’s Beef


Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen are soon to coach opposite each other on the third season of TUF:Brasil, and this one has plenty of history behind it. The two warriors have been locked in a war of words for years now, and the first time they met face to face, it was a delightful mixture of awkwardness and fear. Via ethioness

Sonnen was in the middle of a pretty big beef with Anderson Silva, who was the Champion at 185, and was using the kingpin’s nationality as ammo for trash talk. Chael P ragged on the Brazilian people, made jokes about Silva’s wife and called the Nogueira bros. Black belt fake. ‘The Axe Murderer’ was none too happy, and made his feelings towards Sonnen clear in a car ride after a promo event. Since then, it has been a ‘Come at me bro’ type of affair. Courtesy of UFC.com

Sonnen and Silva have called each other out at every occasion, but not come on to a collision path until recently being booked as opposing coaches on TUF. PPV issues on Silva’s art seemed to hinder the chances of the two meeting, after Sonnen had made it clear that he would oblige Silva and a near scrap at Mr. Olympia brought the beef to boiling temperature. Via Wandfightteam

The fact that Sonnen has taken the stint on Brazil’s season of TUF shows that he has balls the size of Brock Lesnar’s pecs, that or a brain the size of Tito Ortiz’s vocabulary. Anyhow, Silva was on hand to talk with MMAjunkie.com, regarding Sonnen’s safety in Brazil and many other matters. Check out the transcript:

“He’ll be 100 percent safe,” Silva said. “Just one guy is going to beat him, and this guy is me. Nobody (else) is going to touch you. Brazil is different. I don’t like fake people,” he said. “I don’t like jokes. I don’t like guys who talk stupid things about me, and when you say (those things), you’re going to need to pay.”

“It’s a joke for you, but it’s not a joke for me and not for my country,” he said. “But don’t worry. You’re going to be safe. But you’re going to pay for all the [comments] in June.”

I’m a huge Silva fan, and more recently a bigger fan of Sonnen’s, but Chael P may have got himself in to a lot of trouble here against Silva.

  • This is a five round fight right ? Wanderlei has alot of time to catch Mr Sonnen. Could go either way depending on how Chael's wrestling stands up. One guy has the advantage on the feet the other on the mat…

    • The way Sonnen has looked in his last two fights, I would not be surprised if Wandi KHTFO.

  • Guess we'll have to wait a LONGGGGG time to see Chael embarrass Wandi.

  • Wanderlei Silva: You have respect, you don't lose your teeth.

    Chael Sonnen: Thank you!


    • Good thing they had subtitles cause i could not understand Wandi worth s–t!

  • I'm scared of Wanderli