A Bit Premature? Cain Velasquez Opens As Hefty -275 Favorite Over Jon Jones


UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been in the news as of late, but it’s been for for all the wrong reasons. From the controversy of his last fight against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 to his withdrawal from proposed bouts with Glover Teixeira at both UFC 169 and 170 in February, the circumstances surrounding Jones are cloudy at best.

Many began to believe that Jones is simply looking to beat around the bush in order to avoid facing Gustafsson again. “The Mauler” was without a doubt “Bones’” toughest challenge to date, proving that a fighter with similar size and reach could indeed give Jones fits.

To circumvent all that talk Jones spoke up at a Q&A session last week to lay down the groundwork for a fight that may even be potentially bigger than a rematch with Gustafsson. “Bones” said that he’s planning a superfight against UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez within the next year. Tons of MMA fans and media balked at the proposition, noting that if Velasquez can destroy Junior dos Santos the way he did at UFC 166, “Bones” will stand little chance of dethroning the grinding Heavyweight king.

And it appears like the early odds makers agree with that belief.

According to BestFightOdds.com, Velasquez has opened as a nearly three-to-one favorite over Jones at -275. Can anyone really argue with that? After all, Jones just got wheeled out of his fight with Gustafsson on certified zombie status. He may have picked up a unanimous decision win but he sure didn’t look like it. Gustafsson was noticeably gassed but he never complained about the decision or endured a serious injury.

However, Jones is one the shelf mending from an injured left foot suffered in the fight. He’s rumored to return to the cage in March or April, but who knows? At the rate it’s going right now a straight answer about his next fight doesn’t seem to be on the imminent horizon.

Is the champ just trying to get away from the Gustafsson discussion by bringing up a superfight with Velasquez? If he is serious about the whole thing, he may be diving headfirst into shark-infested waters. Jones has never been regarded as the most genuine of fighters, and many think he’s beginning to come across as scared. Will we ever see him face off against Velasquez in the Octagon?

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    I know it's all BS, but Cain only at -275 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • No one beats Cain in a fist fight. A monster he is .

  • You've gotta pick Cain there but honestly I think Jones has just as good or better chance of beating him than any of the HWs right now

  • With extreme training ill give Bones a better chance than GSP beating A. Silva.

  • Jones can put on as much weight as he wants…If Cain was able to take down 280+ pound freaks like Brock Lesnar and Bigfoot, he will take him down as well.

  • Ah yes very true you are

    • How come you and Brasil are talking like Yoda?

  • If Jones is +150 or higher I'll be putting 1000 on him as quick as possible.

  • i feel its just the hate for the bs poll..Jones defended his title against tougher opponent and cain only twice (?)..2/3 for me

  • Jones matches up well with Cain. Jones would probably be 230 so the size difference would not be that great. Plus I think Jones may sub Cain.

  • Cain would eat jones alive. Way more explosive. Can take jones to the cage or ground and do what he wants. After the gustafson fight I think jds would ko jones quick.

  • Forget Fried Chicken…. Cain will eat Bones for Dinner El Pollo Loco Style, with Pico de gallo, and Guacamole on the side….

  • A lot of people posting Hate Jones, I don't like him either, but he's really a hw and I'm telling you may give Cain a very tough fight or even win. Nobody has '' eaten Jones alive'' he has crazy heart and he has skills too. I Love Cain but to say that this would be an easy fight is a little ignorant.