Who will be first UFC Title Holder to Lose Their Belt?


Who do you think will be the next UFC champ to lose their belt?

To keep it fair please answer by number of title defenses, not months/day until they lose their belt.

  • I say brock after seeing cain vs nog fight, brock has his hands full against cain, mir, carwin n dos santos. After brock it will be Machida, Shogun gun is gonna beat him again

  • Brock? No way… Wasn’t Nog the #1 contender until about 5 minutes ago? Frank stomped him, and Lesnar gave Frank one of the worst beatings in MMA history. Lesnar has only had time to learn. Shane might have enough power to be able to tuck his head and swing for the fences and maybe something lands. Cain is amazing, but he’ll spend the fight on his back against the cage taking bombs.

  • how was nog the number one contender, carwin n mir are number one contenders and the only reason lesnar beat mir the second time is because he was physically stronger than him, he does not have that advantage anymore seeing that mir gained like 35 pounds

  • Brock because of ring rust and maybe Anderson Silva, but I don’t see the others losing… Especially GSP and BJ Penn.

  • i dont think brock will lose his belt anytime soon.hes ganna be pissed off when he comes back and he is one big ass dude that is ganna be a handful for anyone. and now that he has more experience.i dont see him losing,but i think machida will lose to shogun.

  • BJ Penn at 155 is the Pinnacle of perfection. noone is gonna take his belt away.
    Brock Lesnar if he can learn some escapes and BJJ technique he will be unstoppable.
    Anderson Silva… need i say more?
    Georges St. Pierre is a phenom so unless someone gets lucky and pulls a serra then he will hold his for a long time.
    …and that leave Machida I think Shogun is gonna hand him his ass again. If Bones Jones can learn to play by the rules I don’t see anyone beating him.

  • Actually Mir is only fighting for the interim belt because he was the last champ before the current (Well he held the interim last). Thats the way the interim works, the last champ vs the #1 contender.

    I dont think anyone had in their minds that Carwin was the #1 contender though, sure he is up there. But Nog had only had one fight against couture (Who then dropped to LHW) between his lost to Mir and now. So they couldnt throw him in the ring against lesnar, he had to wait it out a bit more. So they needed someone else to just fill that time, and along comes carwin.

  • agreed

  • What you said was true but the weight gain by Mir doesn’t equate to strength. Brock who was a wrestling champion and a genetic freak of nature is and will be stronger than Mir. And Mir even said he only gained about 10 pounds. He used to walk around 260, but before UFC 100 he cut all the excess fat because he thought it was useless. So now he says he walks around 270, and is trying to gain even more weight.

  • People always say Brock is going to lose and then he comes out on top. He’s learning, getting better and now getting stronger. Brock beat Mir so badly because Mir was cocky and thought he would just submit him and Brock did his homework. Mir is STILL cocky. He beat a sick Nog and beat Congo after he actually put on some muscle. I want to see Mir and Cain go at it. Carwin is good too. People forget he’s a great wrestler that has massive knockout power. I see Mir beating Carwin, Losing to Brock and between Brock and Cain, I’m not sure but Brock will come out on top.

  • this is why lesnar is a faux champion his 4-1 record is terrible to call a championship quality. “people always say” always? they could have only said it 5 times and once they were right! Brock is going to come back and lose his title, he is still very green. he lost to Mir because he is green and he simply got lucky against randy he didn’t dominate the fight at all randy simply circled right into his fist, which are the kinds of mistakes you expect froma guy with 1yr and 3months of ring rust on him. lesnar is coming off of life changing surgery, a surgery that has caused him to change a big part of his size factor his diet. he lost so much weight which he needs to regain. i don’t think that lesnar is going to learn any new tricks submissons, better striking i see him simply expanding on his GnP and thats it he is getting a bit old to really learn new things for fighting.

    i don’t think machida lossing his title his a given like it seems to be for brock

  • getting stronger, wow that would be scary

  • anderson??? to who??? have u seen this guy fight????

  • Machida will be the first their is way to much talent in the 205 division. Shogun, Rampage, Lil Nog, Jones, Evans