Scott Jorgensen on Cruz: His strikes score points, but they don’t sit...

Scott Jorgensen on Cruz: His strikes score points, but they don’t sit people down


Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz and number one contender Scott Jorgensen will go head to head this Thursday, with the winner emerging as the WEC’s last 135 lbs. champ and the UFC’s first ever.

Just days ahead of their match-up, Jorgensen vocalized his thoughts on the champion’s in-cage methods, calling his style both defensive and ineffective.

“He’ll land one (shot) and then move and then land a couple and move and then throw a kick. I think it’s a very defensive style and to me it’s not very effective,” Jorgensen explained. “He’s a champ. He finds a way to win. (The strikes) are scoring points, but they don’t hurt. They don’t sit people down.”

Cruz, who has recorded only one victory by stoppage in his six WEC wins, responded by pointing out the success he has had with his unorthodox style, maintaining that it is always his intention to finish opponents.

“I won a lot of fights this way, so I know what I’m doing. I know what I do right, I know what I do well and I know I’m very good at it. That gives me my confidence to continue to fight the way that I fight,” Cruz contended. “I’m in there trying to finish every single fight, I’m in there trying to kill the guy from beginning to end. I think everybody that I’ve gone in there with I’ve rocked or hurt at some point in the fight, without a doubt.”

Cruz vs. Jorgensen will serve as the co-headliner for the WEC 53 event, the promotion’s last before being absorbed by its sister promotion, the UFC.  The stacked-card will be aired live on Versus and also features a lightweight clash between division Champion Ben Henderson and Roufusport product Anthony Pettis in a bout that will decide the next contender for the UFC’s own 155 lbs. strap.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

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  • Jamie Kennedy

    Cruz vs Jorgensen will be a great fight. It’s gonna be action packed! plus you’ve got Benson and Pettis which will be a good scrap too..the card is completely stacked! The WEC is going out with a BANG!!!! Cruz will beat Scotty J, Benson vs Pettis is a toss up though… could go either way!

  • griffin

    wen was the last time we have seen cruz KO anyone?

  • Ninja

    I think everyone has KO power, like Condit never one punched KO’d anyone b4 the Hardy fight but he did it to Hardy, it’s just the matter of timing, the Danzig punch didn’t look strong at all but it KO’d Stevenson because the timing was perfect, so I wouldn’t say Cruz doesn’t have KO power, if he hits Jorgensen the rite away at teh right time he could KO him

  • TheRealDeal

    Jorgenson is right, Cruz is more of a point striker than someone who is going to take you out. Jorgenson will need to get it to the mat if he hopes to get the victory. I think if he gets Cruz down he can win it, but that will be hard to do.

  • TheRealDeal

    It’s not always about how hard you punch, but how accurate you are. Anyone can deliver a K.O. with a well-timed, well aimed shot. Danzig’s K.O. was a perect example of catching someone right in the perfect spot. Danzig was backing up and his punch did not have a ton of power behind it, but it hit the sweet spot. I see Cruz as more of a point striker, but at any time he can catch you, we just haven’t seen it much. He can be a defensive and counter fighter, which is perfectly good, except at times the K.O.’s don’t come as often.