Jose Aldo belives he is the second best fighter in the world

Jose Aldo belives he is the second best fighter in the world


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Massive MMA fan, been training just over 18 months, I've had 2 amatuer fights, and am 1-1 so far!
  • David Saucier

    This guy is the most exciting fighter in all of MMA

  • doug777

    he’s very entertaining, highly skilled, and he will be champion for a while

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Champion material.

  • Jizzle11

    Young brash and confident. The kid is going far.

  • TheRealDeal

    Aldo is one of a rare breed, but expect Gamburyan to show up for this fight, he is one tough dude.

  • minerve

    week divison, aldo one of the top fighter but not in the top 5 p4p..

  • colktfo

    i really want him to come to the ufc, and get some more competition for him

  • Dabs

    I just love the way he is NOT being ****y….and seems to genuinely believe and take in his stride he is one of the best in the world.

  • Rigo

    he is very fun to watch!
    but his last fight vs Faber look weird

    he kinda look like Silva , he could easily finish Faber in the second or third round and went to Decision for some reason!

    i hope he fights Manny like always and delivers a great show!

  • japanegro23

    I like that opinion.

  • japanegro23

    I picked Manny. I’m guessing that chin is solid enough to take a few. Only guessing though.

  • zackali

    this would make him the third best fighter cause FEDOR is still the number one and to catch up to his status is gonna take alot more than what he has done to this day ….but he is on the rite track

  • HunterB

    weak* and its really one of the deepest divisions in MMA, unfortunately alot of the best 145lbs fighters are not in the WEC… most people not jumping on the MMA bandwagon know that

  • postmortem

    i think it is way to soon for him to call himself the second best fighter in the world. thats pure arrogance try actually beating some high level guys. so far he only has two quality wins to his name a highly overrated and undersized faber and mike brown. this kid is very exciting and i think that people give him a little to much respect for that

  • azzkika

    He is so arrogant if he truely believes he is the 2nd best fighter in the world. Edgar was more impressive against Penn in his last fight than Aldo has ever been. He is a quality fighter with some great stand up, but GSP.Fedor,Edgar to name a few are all ahead of him. Fedor is my favourite fighter but I think with his loss and GSP’s continued dominance over one of the best quality divisions in MMA make him #1 p4p now. fedor most definately still the #1 HW IMO

  • azzkika

    I really hope he moves to LW and takes on the likes of Penn and co. then we’ll see if he is the 2nd best fighter on the planet. I doubt he’d beat any of the top 3 LW’s and will not have it easy against any top 10 LW.

  • warren