Brian Bowles says "it is all about respect" against Dominick Cruz

Brian Bowles says "it is all about respect" against Dominick Cruz


Reigning WEC Bantamweight Champion Brian Bowles discussed his fight against the experienced Dominick Cruz at the main event of WEC 47 in Columbus, Ohio. In an exclusive radio interview for Radio Bowles stated that he is looking for people to respect him as a fighter:

“Respect is the one thing I like and one thing I want is I just want to be respected as a fighter. I want people to see the effort that I put into it, respect my skills, and see what I bring to the table. Just like me as a fighter and respect me as a fighter.”

Bowles has a clean 8-0 record in his Mixed Martial Arts career, but despite beating the legendary Miguel Torres to become a Champion, he knows that the 14-1 Dominick “The Dominator” Cruz is a legit threat in his first title defense:

“He’s a great wrestler. I think that’s one of the things that he’s best at. He may not be a collegiate wrestler, or like an Olympic level wrestler, but then again some of those guys can’t put it into MMA. I think he really mixes his wrestling into his MMA game really well, and he’s hard to hit. He’s just a clever fighter and I think I just got to stay focused, stay relaxed, and just be patient and let the fight come to me.”

Twenty-nine years old Brian Bowles trains at the Hardcore Gym in Athens, Georgia, which produced the original Ultimate Fighter winner, Forrest Griffin. None of Brian Bowles’ eight professional Mixed Martial Arts ended by decision (5 Submissions, 3 KO’s).

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  • likesfights

    i cant wait ! both of these fighters are exciting and never put on a boring fight

  • M1KENIC3

    I like Cruz in this one, he’s bigger than Bowles with an awkward frame that makes his strikes come from all different directions.

    props to Bowles for defeating Torres in such a devistating fashion, but he still seems too green to beat a seasoned warrior like Cruz.

    late 2nd rd choke by Cruz ftw

  • XtapxxoutX

    i say bowles cause torres could subbmit and tko guys and he lost pretty bad bowles KO 2nd round