WEC 52 post-fight Press Conference Highlights


  • i don’t know why he seems to have so many haters. he’s a great fighter with a lot of heart and any time i’ve seen him interviewed he seems to be an all round nice guy

  • that’s one side of him , but i seen other interviews and he talks bad about other fighters , hes a douche bag! i used to like Faber but not anymore. im glad Aldo kick his ass. hes such a ****y guy.

  • the only fighter i have ever seen him talk smack about is dominick cruz. Faber is a nice dude, always giving back to the community and hes got tons of heart. Plus he bought like 10 houses for his team!

  • I don’t know Rigo do you have any links to those interviews? I agree with Milt, the only guy I have seen him bad mouth was Cruz and even that wasn’t that bad. The rest is just confidence which some people find offensive.