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Anderson Silva reveals he may fight Jon Jones at a catchweight this year


UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva has a lot on his plate right now. From opening his Muay Thai College in Torrance to his pending and rumored bout with rising contender Chris Weidman, talk of him being in a superfight has subsided considerably. However, Brazilian website SporTV has reported that Silva spoke up about a bout with Jon Jones at a catchweight of 192 lbs. last week.


With Dana White stating after UFC 157 that he would indeed like to schedule a superfight featuring Silva by year’s end, is there enough time to book this monumental bout? Let’s take a look at the details. First off, Jones will defend his Light Heavyweight championship against Chael Sonnen on April 27th in the TUF Finale. With most (if not all) expecting Jones to retain, a catchweight bout with Silva could possibly be on the horizon.


Silva has been rumored to face Chris Weidman on July 6th in Las Vegas. While that could be a huge bout, it’s tough to think that Silva would turn around to face Jon Jones before year’s end. The report is hearsay at this point, just like the Chris Weidman fight is. But many think that both of these bouts are simply fights that have to happen. What do you think?


I, for one, believe that Chris Weidman should definitely get his shot at Silva for the Middleweight title. He is coming off shoulder surgery, so questions will remain about his health in facing the most dominant champion in MMA history. Will he be ready for the task at hand? Hard to say. Jon Jones would need time to cut the weight down to 192, as he usually walks at around 225 lbs. This is all assuming he gets past Chael Sonnen with no significant injuries to show for his efforts.


Regardless of all the hype and red tape, this could be an absolutely epic bout, and while it may not be for either title, it would no doubt be one of the most watched PPV fights ever. Adding perhaps a title fight to the card would make the event carry an atmosphere similar to that of UFC 100. Silva is all over the place these days, and has his hands in many different business opportunities that his status as champion has afforded him. That is why this fight must take place sooner than later.


I’d have to say that if there is a man out there (with an actual chance of fighting Silva) who can beat The Spider, it is Jon Jones. His length, wrestling ability, and dynamic striking make him the biggest threat to Silva’s vast undefeated streak. Apparently, Silva has spoken up in Brazil that he wants this fight, and he wants it this year. Are we seeing more back-and-forth talk here, or is something actually coming to fruition?


Let me know what you think. Anderson Silva is not getting any younger, and while he looks unbeatable, he has never faced a fighter with even close the abilities of Jon Jones. Jones is tied up in a fight that he stands to gain little, as many believe Sonnen was undeserving in the first place. This is the fight that could define the UFC for years to come. Let’s hope that it is on the way soon.


  • Shut up Anderson you tease!

    • if you fight jon jones your gonna taste a beating that your never had in your life, you should just choose cung le instead or butter bean or maybe the beast himself, mr bob sapp.

    • Anderson ducking already, he knows what the fans want to hear!
      Catchweight REALY, that will be almost impossible to make for jones!
      Anderson fought at 205 three times, clear case of ducking, let the soares games begin!
      A.S Great fighter, shitty champion!

      Because A.S is turning into a kitty instead of a tiger!

  • A.S vs Jones would be like Ali vs Foreman all over again where the old great champ somehow found a way to beat the young lion when no one thought he could do it.

    • Ha, you wish. I think it would be more like young phenom Ali (Jones) beating the hell out of "old lion" Sonny Liston (Silva) proving the sport had moved on.

      • Good to see the Silva huggers still hanging around in high numbers.

  • Why not go for the 205 belt

  • Standing = Silva. If Jones can get the TD, Jones.

    • Ya man Im thinking the same thing. Only problem is that I dont think Anderson can stop Jones' wrestling for the whole match if he pushes it.

      How bout a non title kick boxing match?

  • Why would Silva, who has three fights, three KO's and three wins @ 205 want or need a catch-weight fight?

    Why would the fans want to watch a meaningless super-fight, when the could watch the same fight as a title challenge?

    Like all things, I will believe Anderson is actually fighting or going to fight, when I see him climb in the ring. Until then, it's not much more than a chapter in a Harry Potter book.

    Again, I will laugh if GSP has a third fight (and hopefully title defense) before Anderson has his next fight. Be it a title defense, super-fight or catch-weight showdown or whatever "process" Silva chooses to make White submit to.

    Maybe P4P stands for…"Process for Postponement."

    • Look a gift horse in the mouth much? The point of catchweight is no title, even if it is below 205lb. Get over it and just hope the fight happens like the rest of us.

      • @ G#

        First, in order for it to be a gift, one has to actually receive it. Concordantly, there is no need to get over it, if you never received it.

        Secondly, I thought this promotion and more importantly was about proving this and that and honor. Where there is no reason to have this fight @ a catch-weight, I subsequently see the jockeying for a catch-weight as obfuscation and delay, on behalf of Silva. I think it shows weakness and a lack of true fighting spirit. This is, after all, a guy who walks around @ somewhere between 220 to 230 and I've even heard as high as 240. And as previously noted, he's been more than willing to take on lesser opponents @ 205, so why not The Division's Champion. Again, to me it shows weakness and gamesmanship.

        I'm going to go out on a limb, here and say that Jones, although he may accept a catch-weight bout, my guess is that he wouldn't ask for, nor seek one. Advantage, at least mentally, to John Jones.

        Again, I will believe it all when it happens, regardless of the weight. And yes, I will watch it, but no, I won't be happy that it's not for the 205 belt. My God, if Belfort and Sonnen can fight Jones @ his weight and for The Title, it makes no rational sense (to me) why Silva would not be prepared to do and want to do, the same thing.

        That's my view of it, at any rate. If you see it otherwise, great.

        • Then is there no problem in Jones fighting at 185? Since they are both the same size in your opinion?

          • @ Falcon

            I have no idea. You would have to ask Jones, whether or not he could cut to 185 and contend for the belt.

            Personally speaking and looking at his build, it would be possible. JJ is a soft 205. At this stage of his career, it would be possible for him to cut the weight, should he choose to do so. I see no format under which he would be required, to do so.

            And yes, these are my opinions.

            And please, before you rebuke me for having them, read my post to Diamond-MMA2.


        • @MMATruth….you know why its not for the LHW Title?….its simple this is a fight for the fans, neither of those guys NEED to fight each other 2nd If Silva beats Jones then he'll be the new Champ at 205 AND 185..someone like him whos getting older cant play around jumping weight defending titles, heck.. it would be hard for even Jones to manage those cuts + having a WHOLE division on stand by while defending one of the titles then doing weight cuts and defending another..and if the other option is to relinquish a belt then why fight for the belt in the fist place -_- …. Also you mention Silva walks above 205 which is true, and im sure part of the reason he likes 185 is because he feels like he did in his younger days faster and such which he would need to be to fight Jones. Theres a huge different from 185 and 205, Try burning OR gaining 20lbs you WILL notice it instantly from how you feel sitting to how you feel jogging…Anderson needs to feel good to fight Jones which is reasonable at 192 and on fight day both would be at 210 lbs easy..so if anything its a disadvantage for Silva as Jones would be close to his normal weight + good shape

          • Point:

            1. It’s a fight for the fans….BEST POINT. You win right there. You make a point that no one else has. Good for you.

            2. Anderson can’t play-around (should he win) – true. However, no one is suggesting that he should play-around. This is, after all, supposed to be a super-fight. Subsequently, it would be denoted or considered to be a one-off (as our British MMA fans, might say) and no one is suggesting that The Man straddle both the Middle-Weight and Light-Heavy-Weight Titles, at the same time and for all the reasons which you have stated.

            3. I am not drawing any scenario whereby Silva or Jones, would be defending more than one belt, at a time. If they did it at divisional weight, then it would be more than acceptable if the belt was not defended, but rather, simply vacated after the victory. Fair enough on both sides and fair enough to The Division.

            4. Silva walking around @ 205 – to the best of my or anyone else’s knowledge, Silva is considerably heavier than 205, when not training.

            5. Anderson needs to feel good to fight Jones – agreed. I don’t think anyone would ask or expect less. With that said and again, Silva seems to be one of those rare talents, that could fight and possibly hold the belt @ & in, three different weight classes (MW, LHW & HW). Again, I really don’t see the problem in terms of his health or how he feels, in terms of fighting @ 205. And again, he has taken three fights at this weight class, before.

            Regardless of class or cut, we’d all love to see it happen. However and optimally, I would like to see the fight happed at Division weight and not catch.

            Call me old-school, but if we’re going to do it / see it happen, then let us give it all the relevance and glory, the winner, their legacy and the event deserve. Let us throw caution to the wind and go all in. Let’s put it all on the table. To me, that would be the most exciting fight possible.

            With that said, I understand you point and it’s the best one yet, which I have read for having it at a catch-weight. Good on you for having made the point.

          • I personaly would like it to be for the others belt but at a catchweight. Let there be a superfight belt that if the top of close divisions have two great champs they can voluntarily fight for. 192 should be no problem for Jones if he is anywhere near Andersons size. Mediating the size range is better in terms of trying to find which skill set is better than accomadating one size. To find out who is better in terms of skill it is better at a catchweight as it is far more favourable to one if the other has to accomodate anothers comfort zone.

        • @Mmatruth

          You sound like a fat kid who reads too many comic books.

          Like the man said, quit your girly whinin' and hope it happens. If you wanna argue "honor" and "fighting spirit" do it at your next comic book convention and leave the grown up talk to us fight fans.

          • From now on everything I post will be dripping with sarcasm……
            This fight will be boring as heellll.

          • Dear ******….

            When you say that I sound like a kid…anything…tell us, do you hear the audio in your head or does it emirate from your web browser, via you speakers? For and to the best of my knowledge, none of the posts on this site, let alone mine, make any "sounds".

            Of course and proving the exception to the rule, your posts often sound like Brazilian fart ****; speaker on high, sub-woofer on full.

            Please, in future, if you think so little of my comic book assertions, then please fart your way past any posts I make and leave them sans the opines of your distended, gaped and blathering ****. I've heard it all before. RipsStick the DipStick has already beaten you to the punch.

            Concluding – why do you read and comment on my posts, when I never bother reading or commenting on yours? I guess if we're ever at the comic book store it will be you asking me for my autograph and not me asking you for yours.

          • Ok, so now you just "sound", as in come across, like an arrogant wannabe intellectual. Do you really think using 50 cent words like "sans" and "opines" is going to impress people- especially on the 'net? BTW, you used "opines" incorrectly in that sentence.

            I did laugh at the "fart past" comment though.

          • I'm not trying to come across as anything, let alone a wannabe intellectual and I have no idea as to the value of the words I use or used. And to be honest, if you would be impressed by such low level terms as the ones used, then you wouldn't be worth impressing.

            If, on the other hand, it was my tone which upset you, then you have no cause for upset, as your (proactive) remarks to me, were rude and all I have done is reflected, here, is reflect what was given to me, by way of discourse.

            If you're polite with me, I will always be polite with you. If not, then should you expect politeness in return?

            Either way, my opinions are just that, my opinions and if they displease you, well, then they displease you. It is what it is and at least I made you laugh. Perhaps one day, you will make me laugh.

          • I'm sure you do not "intend" to come across a certain way. Most arrogant people have no idea they "sound" the way they do. Doesn't surprise me you react this way

            And you do not upset me. You are a faceless bunch of letters on a screen. Id care more about a stranger flipping me the bird on the highway- and that's next to nothing. I was just having fun and making observations. On the other hand, methinks you doth protest too much. It's obvious you got your Internet '**** hurted'.

          • @ ******

            I hear ya ******.

            Thank you for both reading my posts and being a follower of them. One day, I'll have to read something of yours.

          • Sounds great. Take care.

            BTW, you "followed" and "read" my posts in this thread more than any other poster.


        • First – @ Myself

          I apologize to the thread for that post. The battery on my keyboard needed changing. I weaked that post myself, on a point of structure.

        • @MMA Truth… Anderson wants a catchweight so he can watch Bones suffer as he tries to make weight.

          I only want to see this matchup at light heavyweight Title on the line with a

  • i believe it when i see it!

    • @ PV


      • I like Dido, and shes smoking hot. 8)

        • dude, your picture is nonsense. would better fit to bush.

          • Bummer if it offends you, but ANY president whose attempt to disarm the nation will be met swiftly with intolerance. Lets not mention hes spent 6 TRILLION in 4 years and continues to bankrupt the USA. Your future is dwindling as we speak, that is all.

          • @ Entity

            You're hilarious, man. You're my brother from another mother, for sure.

  • 192?

    Really, is anybody going to **** all over this request like they did when GSP requested Anderson came down to 170?

    There's no way Jon goes below 200 (if he even goes that far).

    • BTW I'd love the fight, but either at 205 or at the least 200. No reason to drain Jones to where he won't be 100% in the fight. Even for a super fight.

    • Exactly!

  • Anderson is a great fighter (not the best who has ever lived, but quite entertaining nevertheless), however, if he goes up to fight Jones, he will tarnish his legacy. Enough said.

    • Actually he is the best ever. He will tarnish the Jones legacy. Most fighters are nervous about a tough fight but it doesn't have anything to do with how good they are. Who is the best that ever lived besides the mythical Bruce Lee in your opinion?

      • Anderson *****, I mean everyone knows it.

    • Wow, got 5 sharps. The Fedor lovers are still alive.

      • Holy ****! 6 and a weak for me!

        • 1; Bruce Lee (full contact fighters who trained with him described his skill as "supernatural")

          2; Anderson Silva (he is to now what Bruce was to his era; unmatchable skill)

          3; Fedor (Spent a decade dismantling top ten guys who were a third larger than him)

      • zombied beyond belief….Fedor gooood, Fedor Humble….Fedor best in his time…..

  • Anderson has warmed up to the fight… your move Jon

    • At 192.

      • I guess but at least he is saying he will fight him which was not his attitude 6 months ago.

  • I'd rather it happen at 205 (I still pick AS) but I will take it as awesome at any wt.

  • All hot air. If this fight ever happens Jones will dominate. HE could get caught and KO'd by Silva as Silva has amazingly good timing and a vast array of shots but Jones has far less holes in his game, has been fighting higher calibre opposition for the most part and will likely stop Silva from getting into any sort of fluency or comfort zone like he has every other fighter he has ever faced. At some point he will take Silva down and barring a mistake like he did against Belfort he will smash Silva into oblivion. Jones has very very few weaknesses and many great strengths. Silva has one almighty strength and that is his timing but he has a few weaknesses which someone as good as Jones will exploit 9/10.

    • What you just wrote is insane. Anderson has zero holes in his game. His wrestling is HIS weak point but it is not A weak point. He shrugs off all but the best wrestlers and he submits them. Jones' only advantages in this fight (if it happens) are his size and wrestling. As close as Vitor got to subbing him, Jones should not go to the ground against Anderson. Anderson beats Jones in under three rounds via TKO or Sub.

      • awww hes got more holes in his game than Tiger Woods.

      • Silva has been in trouble against c tier fighters like Lutter for example and Sonnen dominated Silva for 6 out of 7 rounds despite losing both times. Jones has never come close to being dominated like that despite facing higher calibre opponents. You lot could watch Silva beat up a 5 year old girl and still ejaculate over him.

        • No I don't…

        • PS: I dunno why we keep talking about this fight cos it will never happen anyway.

  • Stuff like this, jockeying for advantages in possible matches, it's part spin and part negotiation. Anderson 'may' also fight a flower vase, semantically speaking.

    Oh, and if you dumped on GSP for doing the exact same thing, make sure to cut and paste your comments in here and apply them to Silva.

  • The game plan to beat Silva is simple. Executing it is another matter however…….

  • Awesome News….

  • if I would be JJ, I would tell AS , Fück you Bitsch .If you wanna fight me come to my devision and I tell you what time it is.Again if I was JJ, but I'm not.

  • If I was JJ I would say, I'm not fighting Anderson cause he will kick my as*!

  • is it just me or are the same people who suggest Silva cuts to fight GSP also the same people who suggest he gains weight to fight Jones?? Lets for a second assume that all three have decided that the division they are in currently is the optimum for them(not hard to do)….. surely then a catch weight for either GSP/Silva or Silva/Jones is a fair compromise?

    hell either way, i'll just be happy to see the fights happen at any weight. not only that but i will factor in weight gained/cut when i show appreciation to the victor/looser regardless of outcome.

    far too many sandy vaginas on here 🙂