Win Or Lose Dan Henderson Won’t Retire Following Fight With “Shogun” This...

Win Or Lose Dan Henderson Won’t Retire Following Fight With “Shogun” This Weekend


Coming into his fight with Mauricio Rua this Sunday, Dan Henderson originally thought it could possibly be his last.

“Hendo” will receive a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) to undergo testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) legally for the very last time at the event, after being on the treatment since his mid 30’s. But despite initial concerns about how his body would cope without the additional testosterone, Henderson says he will now deal with the consequences after his fight this weekend:

“It’s business as usual,” Henderson told USA Today Sports. “I’ll deal with the changes after this fight. Obviously, I’ll have to.”

The former Olympic wrestler is among many athletes who are set to suffer due to the ban but Henderson may even come off worst than most as he has been taking the treatment since 2007. However, “Hendo” doesn’t think that the treatment has helped in anyway in terms of skill, it just keeps him more energetic:

“I don’t think TRT has anything to do with my skills as a fighter,” he says. “I think I get sick a little bit less and have a little more energy. I don’t lay on the couch as much when I’m on TRT, but it’s not the reason I’ve done as well as I’ve done in the sport.”

That may be true but at 43-years old the former Pride champion will definitely feel the full effects of having to stop the treatment and will most likely suffer in some form. But, “Hendo” apparently has no plans on calling it a day just yet:

“I have no plans of retiring at all,” Henderson says. “I just signed a six-fight deal, and I plan on achieving my goals within those six fights.”

That new deal will start with “Shogun” this weekend as Henderson will look to avoid going 0-4 in his last four outings. If he gets the win on Sunday he hopes that will be the start of a good year ahead.

“Hopefully, this next year will be a good year,” he says. “I had a bad year last year, and I’m just moving forward.”

Do you think should Henderson should call it a day this weekend?

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I just love MMA. Im also the fastest dancer in the North West ;)
  • IGMBurninPiff

    Warrior spirit. He's a good fighter and I think he'll still be effective without it. Lets face it either way I didn't have ,Hendo winning a belt or even getting a title shot at this point with TRT or without so he'll, still do just what he was going to without it. I think he still lands some K.O's as well. I don't know about another 6 fights but how ever many are left I'll enjoy watching 1 of the last of that Era. It's sad to see the old school dwindling.

  • DG1

    As I said in a comment a month or two ago regarding Hendo's substantial pay cut for his new contract, "It will be sickening to see him getting knocked out left and right for pennies on the dollar." I love his spirit but I truly hope he has enough sense to know when it's time. The time may not be yet, but it is coming. MMA fans don't want to see a bobble-headed Hendo punching bag. He's earned his money, his legacy is secure, he's in it purely because he loves the game. But man his health is going to suffer if he starts getting KO'd. We don't want to see that happen, buddy!

    • IGMBurninPiff

      Hopefully roided Vitor didn't take his chin