Anderson Silva is the greatest stand-up fighter in the world. He’s held his belt (now) since 2006 and is in the 7th year of his reign. He is revered by all fighters and swooned over by the UFC. Beyond that, he’s been thrilling fans with, what are, some of the greatest highlight moments in UFC history. Whether or not it was his spectacular KO (Seagal inspired front snap-kick) of Vitor Belfort, his humiliation of Stephan Bonnar or his late round 5 comeback against Chael Sonnen, Silva has dominated UFC highlight reels and in a way that no other UFC fighter has or (may) ever will.

Yet, there is something about the Champion that rubs many fans the wrong way. To be blunt, he’s one of three Champions that seem to rub fans the wrong way, with GSP and Jon Jones being the other two.

The fans that dislike GSP, of whom many are x-fans of his, do so because they find Rush boring and his fights predictable and not in a good way. Fair enough.

On the other hand fans that dislike Jones, because they find him arrogant and cocky. Fair enough, again.

In Silva’s case, his fan dislike seems to be an amalgam of both GSP’s & Jones’s problems. Fans that dislike Silva and would like to see him lose are generally comprised of x-fans, who believe the Champ has become too cocky and subsequently, needs a lesson in humility. I would be one such x-fan.

As Renzo Gracie recently commented in an interview with John Ramdeen, that “he’s a guy that rubs many people the wrong way. He’s not a humble guy…when he’s in the ring he doesn’t act humbly. He puts down his opponents…You can beat your opponent, but do it with respect.”

For me, that about sums it up. Simply put, I’ve come to find him arrogant and I’ve been rooting for him to lose since 2010, post his fights with Leites, Griffin and Maia. In particular, I thought his antics in the Leites and Maia fights were unbecoming a Champion of his quality. Even Dana White was not impressed.

So, those are my thoughts on why I think the anti-Silva movement would like to see him lose, what are yours?

To Silva’s fans, do you think the criticism of Silva as being arrogant is justified or is it that he’s so great, that his arrogance should be expected and accepted?

I leave you with Silva preparing for UFC 162 and rolling with one of my favorite fighters, Fabricio Werdum.