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Why The UFC Would Be Better If Conor McGregor Loses At UFC 194



3.) The rematch would be huge:

While a McGregor win would no doubt be huge for the UFC’s drawing power in the near future, there might not be a bigger featherweight fight to make than a rematch between Aldo and McGregor.

If he were to lose controversially or by a tight margin, then there’s no doubt that an immediate rematch would make more sense than Aldo rematching Edgar for the belt. McGregor most likely won’t lose all that much popularity if he were to lose, and a rematch would still be the biggest seller the UFC would have for the division.

If he wins, a bout with Edgar will be big, but in truth there isn’t much left at 145 pounds outside of a rematch with Aldo.

And besides, Aldo could definitely talk some trash at McGregor if he does win. He’s already showed signs of that in their backstage confrontation at the UFC 194 weigh-ins, and he even mocked ‘The Notorious’ during their staredown. It’s a side of Aldo we’ve never seen before, and in truth it’s something we needed to experience from the previously bland champion.

McGregor has also routinely teased moving up to lightweight in the recent months, and while that might be even more exciting than his time at featherweight, it’d also be kind of strange to beat the top-ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the world and not defend your belt. Aldo would probably deserve an immediate rematch no matter how he lost, and judging by what McGregor has done for the featherweight division in such a short amount of time, he probably would too.

The rematch may be bigger than their first match-up tonight, and the UFC would be better off enjoying a rivalry like this twice. That’s only how McGregor losing would affect the promotion financially, however, so read on to find out how it could affect ‘Notorious’ personally and how it could actually be good for him.

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