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POLL: Who Will Win UFC 183's Main Event, And How?


The MMA world received some blockbuster news last night (July 29, 2014) when it was announced that longtime former middleweight champion Anderson Silva would be returning to the Octagon to face fellow absentee Nick Diaz in the main event of UFC 183 on January 15, 2014.

Silva has been out of action since breaking his leg against Chris Weidman in the main event of UFC 168 last December. Sine then, “The Spider” has posted a veritable series of steps to recovery, anywhere from him walking down stairs to kicking a heavy bag and sparring.

But Diaz has been out of action even longer, his last appearance a lopsided UFC 158 loss to former welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre in an overhyped bout that didn’t deliver. When he steps into the cage to face Silva next year, it will be almost two years removed from his last fight, and nearly three-and-a-half since his last win.

Most people are understandably giving Silva the huge early advantage in this bout, but the reality is, we have no idea of where either talented fighter is at right now. Their fight, while obviously a massive draw on paper, is going to be an interesting one with this dynamic is thrown into the mix.

Are you giving the polarizing Diaz much of a chance? Who are you picking to win the pivotal bout, and how will they score the huge victory?

  • Anderson will tune him up for a few rounds. No KO…but some fun moments where it is clear who the better striker is. Cant wait to see the in-ring banter.

  • No clue who will win, but hey, break a leg guys !

  • 14 votes for so far for Diaz knocks out Silva.

    I guess Breaking Bad is closer to real life than I thought.

    This will be the upset of all time if Diaz wins. All time!!

  • I picked Diaz. Silva cant win on the ground, and I dont think Silva can KO him either, we'll see, who knows. Boxer against Boxer I expect.

    • By the way, is this a catch weight? Is this middle weight? Is this Welter? WTF?
      If Diaz goes Middle weight, expect more punching power and vicious body shots from him.

  • This is not even gonna be a fight….

  • Anderson Silva by mortal kombat fatality.

  • If he comes back even half of what he was like Diaz will be a soup bag.