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POLL: Who Will Emerge From UFC 169 As Bantamweight Champion?


Urijah Faber and Renan Barao will do battle at Saturday’s UFC 169 main event. The stakes are high as they are competing for the Bantamweight championship, while vacated former boss Dominick Cruz looks on from the sidelines. The bout will be the second meeting between the two 135lb. monsters, and both men look to be in their prime.

For me, Faber had the best 2013 in MMA; he fought, won and finished more impressively in his four outings and has never looked better. His win against Michael MacDonald showed us how much ‘The California Kid’ has advanced in the stand up department alone.

Having fought 69 times between them, Faber and Barao are no strangers to high pressure fights. Barao is on a six fight win streak, just in the UFC, and hasn’t lost since his debut in MMA circa 2005. Who will come out on top and be crowned the new Bantamweight boss?

  • I want to say Faber, but I think whoever is faster takes the UD. I see Faber being a little bit less aggressive than Barao.

  • I would say Faber as my favorite to win if he had a full camp but right now I am feeling 50/50 maybe a slight edge to Barao.

  • Faber has been on some kind of roll, with a serious fire under his ****. He's out to win and looking like a whole different animal from when they fought the 1rst time. The beating he put on Michael McDonald really made me think Faber was the man for a few minutes. After thinking about it some more my pick is still who I've had for the longest. Barao I think is the most under rated fighter the UFC has ever seen. I know Dana White just went out and said with a finish he's number 1 P4P but that's Dana White. Most fans outside of the diehards and legit fans still don't even know who Barao is. I think this kid is the answer the the P4P question. If he can beat Faber handily, and Aldo demolishes Lamas. I do believe Aldo will push harder to move up. He's clearly been having some cardio issues and so he needs to stop the weight cuts. If he moves up I truly believe Barao could hold both belts. I think Barao is under Aldo just because Aldo has been in the spotlight longer. I believe Barao is the better of the 2. His ground game is better, his cardio is better, his striking isn't as powerful but very similar. I think Barao could beat everyone Aldo is if he had the camp to train. Barao is some kind of animal and I hope he proves it vs Faber.

    • Couldn't agree more.. the only way i see Barao loose is by making a mistake.. and he's not the one to make one. Faber however is a savage, i love the kid and i'd celebrate a win for him, cause i'm a fan of both. I just think Barao is still a little too much…

  • I don't think Ill be able to bet against Barao until he loses, I mean hes undefeated for like 8 years right?

  • I see Faber fighting for his legacy! – and winning.