POLL: Who Should Nate Diaz Fight Next?


The main event at TUF 18 Finale was a 155lb. battle between long time rivals Gray Maynard and Nate Diaz, and the result couldn’t have been more decisive; Diaz dispatched of Maynard like a boss in the very first round. The first TKO that Diaz has scored in three years has raised questions about Maynard’s ability to compete, but also leads us to pondering on where Diaz goes next.

Winner of TUF 5 Lightweight bracket, Diaz’s record has been a mixed bunch of lower-high level wins and top level losses. His best wins to date have been over Jim Miller, whom he submitted to earn a title shot, and last night’s win over ‘The Bully’. Losses include a beatdown at the hands of Benson Henderson when they fought for the title last December, a TKO loss at the legs of Josh Thomson and numerous other L’s to result in his 17-9 tally.

There has been possibly premature talk of a title shot from Diaz himself, although the win last night certainly showed he is ready for a top five fight; so what are his options? Well Diaz’s homeboy Gil Melendez is not an option, Benson Henderson and Josh Thomson will soon be out of there UFC on Fox title eliminator fight so that’s them out of the question. The only viable option is TJ Grant, who is out for the foreseeable future.

Diaz even mentioned in the PFPC that he would sit out and wait for the title picture to sort itself out:

“I’m thinking maybe I’ll sit on the sideline for a good, long minute until somebody gets injured, and then [I can] fight for a title, like everybody else is doing,”

With the situation in the top five considered, I think that a fight with Rafael Dos Anjos or Khabib Nurmagomedov would make the most sense. Who knows how long Diaz could be sidelined waiting for the top end of the Lightweight division to get healthy (or injured). Who do you guys want to see Diaz go up against next? Personally I’d like to see Nurmagomedov vs. Diaz.

  • The minute is up Diaz
    Lol but give him Dos Anjos or Nurmagomedov

  • id love to see diaz v nurmagamedov in a 5 round fight

  • I read that Nate is planning to go to 170, so I'll wait and see what happens.
    Wrestling is the only draw back for Nate. His striking is good.
    I've been seeing a trend for a while now of not giving credit to winners, instead, discrediting the loser of the fight. Most of which comes from people who predicted the outcome otherwise. It appears to be the evolution of excuse making.
    Nate is getting better and more powerful in his striking. I think 170 would be good for him.

    • Stewie, I have to say I like him at 155 and it keeps him out of his brother's home division; hopefully Nick comes back. And I agree about his wrestling. As such, I think he's better off in the smaller division. 170 is ugly with wrestlers.

  • I think he should have a rematch with Donald Cerrone. I don't see any reason to think Diaz is really any higher up the ranks than Cowboy right now. I think Evan Dunham is as good or better than Gray Maynard. Diaz and Cowboy both got first round finishes. Time to do it again. Cowboy could win the rematch if he remembers to use kicks and all of his tools.

    • And I don't mean he just forgot to kick last time. But we've seen how the Diaz style can really draw you into just using your hands. However I believe if Cerrone stayed focused, it would look similar to Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit.

    • No offense but Cowboy got owned and not in a way that 3/4 of a year will grow the needed striking to beat Nate. Let cowboy get his confidence back before getting smashed again.

  • Lets introduce Diaz to Hector Lombard considering he is moving to 170. That should be a nice easy fight for him

    • That would be ugly. If hector can stay on his feet, he can beat anyone at 170. He's a scary guy, man.

    • Lol… sure Enjoy, let's feed him to the sharks. You really dislike the dude huh? lmao