Well, I thought I’d give you something to ponder other than fighting and maybe whether or not Weidman has a chance against Anderson Silva, in their upcoming UFC 162 bout.

So here it is.

Name your top 3 most beautiful women in all (of) MMA and your reasons for picking them and please (do your best to) be gentlemanly, in doing so. You can choose from any fighter (including Fallon Fox, if that’s you’re thing) or any ring girl or your liking.

My choices and reasons are as follows: 

Gina Carano: I would walk across broken glass to get a date with that woman.

For my money she’s perfect. Her face is stunning to say the least. Her smile could light up a room. Her cheekbones are too much. Her body is amazing and she has the most engaging and infectious personality of any woman out there. She is quite literally “Hollywood beautiful”. I remember the first time that I saw her I couldn’t believe that she was a fighter. She was simply too pretty and too feminine. Too girly, if you will. Of course, when I saw her fight all those stupid notions were put to rest.

Meisha Tate: Another one in the wow column, for me.

Like Gina, I think she has a great face, “great” hair, great body and also happens to have the best legs in the business, too. They are off the shelf. As was the case with Carano, the first time I saw her was in an interview and when she came out wearing a short skirt I nearly died. Wow, to those legs. She’s a very pretty lady and she’s just flat out sexy. 

Rhonda Rousey: The Champ is, simply put, amazingly pretty.

As with Carano, she has a stunning smile, great hair and a beautiful face. She also has a phenomenal body. She also has an engaging and bubbly personality similar to that of Gina’s. Her girl-next-door beauty and down-to-earth demeanor makes it all but impossible to not find her beautiful or hot. 

Okay, so there's my top three picks for most beautiful women in MMA. The choices are not easy for there are may attractive women that could be considered, particularly amongst ring-girls, but none-the-less I picked 3 fighters.

So, tell us what you think? Which 3 women in MMA would you pick as your most beautiful and why?