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POLL: Who Do You Think Should Fight Jon Jones Next?


With the recent news that Jon Jones was injured and has withdrawn from his UFC 178 bout against Daniel Cormier, the MMA world is once again hit with a tricky situation at the top of the UFC light-heavyweight division. Alexander Gustafsson was quick to jump at the chance, and called for his spot at UFC 182 opposite “Bones”.

“DC” was originally put in as a replacement for “The Mauler” when he was scratched due to a leg injury of his own, now he feels he should be given primacy as number one contender, over the former Olympic wrestler Cormier. The situation has evolved though since the last time these three were involved in trying to book a title fight.

Indeed, since that time, Jones and “DC” have been embroiled in one of the most publicized beefs in MMA history; coming to blows on stage at the UFC 178 media day in Vegas, and getting caught exchanging death threats on a Sportscenter ‘hot mic’. It seems fans are clamouring to see Jones vs Cormier, so will Gustafsson get left out in the cold?

Perhaps the rankings will win over the common consensus? What do you think, who do you think should get the next shot?

  • Who cares what we think? UFC should decide what happens whilst considering the wishes of the fans, however, JJ has proven again and again that he calls the shots!

    • Gus should get the fight now he was No1. contender til injury had to pull out
      and now that the fights is pushed he should get that chance again sucks after all the bs with DC,. everyone wants to see the Jones/DC fight but Gus deserves
      the fight chain of events took him out and now has brought him back,.what would you do .if you were past up on your promotion

  • I really wanted to see DC vs Jones and I think that fight will still be on. That being said Gustafsson was the real Nr1 contender to start with and Cormier was only his replacement, I think Gus should get his shot before DC.

  • I think a good punishment for DC acting the way he did is not to get the title shot. The punishment for Jones would be to get the fight he didn't want.

    What's the use of rankings if the ufc doesn't follow them. Fighting for me is seeing the best against the best, not this schoolyard thrash/drama BS.

    I've said before that Gus probably wouldn't beat DC, and that DC is going to beat Jones. But I do think Jones and DC should get a severe punishment for their childish behavior. It's to bad for DC that his punishment would be more severe than Jones, because he was the bigger douche, but this is the only thing that's fair to Gustavsson. He's the only one that has conducted himself as a warrior and not a schoolyard bully picking a fight.

    • 2shoes its entertainment so enjoy. Anyways, as much smack Gus been talking on Twitter, the same results may have happened if him & Bones was on that stage.

      • it's not entertainment!!! It's a sport!!! The WWE is entertainment, you can watch that or some reality show if you want entertainment.

  • Who cares what we think? UFC should decide, but JJ has proven again and again that he calls the shots. No matter what we think