The Jewels In The UFC Crown

The Jewels In The UFC Crown


The UFC has the best fighters in the world. They run the world of legitimate MMA titles. Every fighter that aspires to be the best aspires to hold a UFC belt. The promotion is so rich in fighters that it regularly cuts good ones; fighters that other promotions jump all over to sign.

Yet, there are a few fighters that will never be in danger of being cut and are more apt to be wooed to stay. We shall call them the UFC Crown Jewels.

So, who are they or better yet, who are they to you?

For me, I believe there are 5:

  1. GSP
  2. Anderson Silva
  3. Jon Jones
  4. Ronda Rousey
  5. Jose Aldo


I think they stand out far and beyond all others and not simply because all are Champions. It’s that they are all so good at what they do, that any organization that had them fighting under its banner would have instantaneous legitimacy.

However and beyond their accomplishments what makes them so valuable is that they have become the face and benchmarks of the sport. Each is renowned for what they do and who they are.

The list is ranked on value not record or ability. I didn’t make it a top ten, because I don’t believe there are any another fighters in the UFC (currently) that fit the criteria. The criteria being draw, record, dominance, threat, name recognition, tenure, fan appeal and holding a belt.

So who do you believe are the jewels in the UFC’s crown? Do you think there are more than 5?

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  • N.C.

    UFC is smart, they don't promote fighters. They promote divisions. That way if anybody left, UFC can just replace them.

    • Brian Cox

      That is a very interesting thought, NC.

      • N.C.

        It's was brought up in an interview. I can't remember which one.

  • Anwargoku

    Cain Valesquez = All the mexican market
    He brings a great value to the UFC

    • D

      The mexican market isn't worth much at the moment. Boxing is far and away more popular than MMA there still, and they're not selling any PPV's in Mexico.

      • Anwargoku

        Not yet but its their goal as well as the expension in Europe. UFC hope to get more french, spanish, german… fighters so they expand. Dana want to make the UFC as the world cup.

        • Entity

          Yes sir, thats been the game plan.

    • Brian Cox

      An..I originally had both CV and JDS on my list, but when I thought about the criteria and their upcoming fight and the fact that Cain might lose that bout and that he and JDS could duke it out forever, as to who the man is @ HW…it was just too hard a call.

      My other thought was that if one of them left and the other stayed, the other promotion would be able to crow about possibly having the better HW. However, if they both left and signed with another promotion, that promotion would have the best HW's in the world. Right now, the two of them are a pair, really. Cain has the belt and a beating given. JDS has a win and a big KO. Next time through will tell us who's who in the hinterland.

      Until it is finally resolved as to which is the real king of heavyweights, I had to leave both of the list. So, it went from 7 to 5.

      That said, the Champ brings huge value to the UFC. He just needs a serious win streak behind him and to do that, he has to beat JDS in their upcoming fight.

  • 1 fist at the time

    i disagree with you. sure i dont see st-pierre get cut, mostly because of his attitude and his ppv numbers over the years. But you never know with the ufc. remember how Dana threatened A.silva to cut him if he gives another boring performance after the maia fight ?
    Jones his amazing, but still very young. You never know where he will be in 5 years. Another DUI 3-4 loss in a row and he might be cut.
    Aldo is great, but im not sure how much he lift the UFC to his current Level.
    Even Randy Couture, a landmark to the sport dont look like he his gonna finish his career with the UFC. So I have to slightly disagree with your article. Sport is a Bit ch and you never know whats coming to you.

    If i have to dress a list tought it would be close to you
    GSP ( have been a figure, example and an easy fighter to work with. Provided millions of $ to the UFC)
    A silva ( because at this point of his career, i see him leave the ufc mnore than Being cut)
    griffin-bonnar ( cause the first UF) griffin have retired of course, bt i doubt dana would have cut him
    Rousey ( as long as women mma stay in the ufc and can pull the numbers… she will rest ( being in the good favor of dana help)
    And i think thats goes for the untouchable.

    but i will be very surprise to see them go away
    F.edgar, aldo, pettis, bendo, velasquez, dos santos, Nogeira, Frank mir, Wanderlei, Bisbing, bj penn

  • Entity

    IMO, the fighters who elevate the UFC and bring the most money, earn that spot.

    • Brian Cox

      That is true Entity, but the supporting cast should be paid better.

  • enjoylife321

    Its funny that Rhonda's name is bigger than mighty mouse considering how short her career in the UFC has been, or even bigger than Dominic Cruz.

    I personally think GSP is the KING of the jewels….Once upon a time Matt Hughes was regarded as the best welterweight on the planet and look what GSp was able to do. I think GSP is awesome for what he brings to mixed martial arts as a whole. His respect in the sport is unparalled to Anderson or anyone else.

    But fighters like ALDO & Silva will be huge for Brazilians. So i would agree with that list entirely

    • Brian Cox

      Ronda is in a league of her own, when it comes to WMMA. She's the Anderson Silva of Women. I felt it impossible to leave her off the list and where ever she goes (right now) is / would be WMMA. She's just that dominant. As a matter of fact, she's the most dominant name on the list.

      Also, she's the prettiest one on the list.

      • enjoylife321

        Gina Carano and Rhonda Rousey are definetly the two hottest female fighters to grace the Octagon. Be good to see Rhonda compete again soon with Tate. I'm loving the female fighters.


    Dan Hardy??

    • falcon4917

      Phil Baroni?

    • Brian Cox

      To both Mam and Falcon….good for you. LOL!

      I hadn't even thought of someone making fun of the list….I really though about it, man. I cared. LOL!

      Ah, you made me laugh.