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Roy Nelson DOES Have Much to Gain by Fighting Daniel Cormier


Last night’s “UFC Tonight” featured a segment where Roy Nelson’s manager Mike Kogan spoke up to state that ‘Big Country’ stood to gain nothing by fighting UFC newcomer Daniel Cormier. Kogan wants his client to face Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva should he lose to Cain Velasquez at May’s UFC 160, or perhaps either Junior dos Santos or Mark Hunt. Both of those bouts are quite the high-profile matchups, but does that mean Nelson shouldn’t face off against Cormier? No. Let’s compare Kogan’s two hypothetical scenarios to fighting Daniel Cormier.

First off, I don’t think that waiting to see if Silva loses to Cain and then hoping for a matchup against Bigfoot is the right play for Nelson’s camp to make. Silva lost to Velasquez recently at last May’s UFC 146, and in devastating fashion. Sure he’s the number one contender right now, but people will clamor to call that ranking a farce if and when he finds defeat at the hands of Velasquez for a second time. That scenario could truly leave Nelson with little to gain.

Facing off against Either Junior dos Santos or Mark Hunt, regardless of the result of their fight at UFC 160, could be a great move for Nelson. Both are heavy-handed strikers who love to stand and bang, and although Nelson possesses an extensive BJJ pedigree, he’s preferred to let his hands do the talking for some time now. A bout between Big Country and dos Santos or Hunt would provide the fans with a bout almost guaranteed to bring fireworks to the Octagon, and it would also provide a healthy boost in the rankings for Nelson should he find himself victorious. However, he already lost to JDS, and it wasn’t that close of a fight. While Nelson would have much to gain with either opponent, I think Cormier would be a better opponent who could provide Nelson with a ton of momentum.

Why? Cormier has a ton of hype surrounding him. He’s in the news almost on a daily basis as speculation runs rampant as to who his next opponent will be. Plus he’s already basically accepted Nelson as an opponent, speaking out on Twitter last weekend after UFC 159. Sure, the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner may have lost a bit of hype with his somewhat underwhelming performance against Frank Mir, but truth be told, Mir never had a chance in that fight.

My guess is that Cormier will look a lot better in his next bout with his first trip to the Octagon over with. Is Nelson’s camp looking for an opponent that’s more tailor-made to Nelson’s current strengths? My guess is yes, because highly-skilled wrestlers who push the pace on Nelson are a lot more likely to give him fits than those who like to engage in knockout contests. Frank Mir knew this, and soundly beat Nelson by avoiding his thunderous right hand. I think that a win over Cormier would absolutely put Nelson into the immediate title picture at heavyweight. Would a win over Silva, or even Hunt, do the same? I doubt it. Beating Cormier, while definitely not an easy task, would do wonders for Roy Nelson’s career, and I think it’s pretty ludicrous for his management to claim otherwise.

And apparently, Nelson feels that there is much to gain, as he tweeted last night:

It appears that Roy Nelson and his management are at odds on which fight to take next for the popular KO artist. His management may be looking for a bout with a striker so Nelson can put his overhand right and granite chin to the test, but Nelson appears ready to tae on any man that stands in the way of a shot at the belt. Do you think that Roy Nelson has a lot to gain by fighting Daniel Cormier, or is it truly a bad move? Let me know your thoughts below.

  • The way Cormier has handled the last few legit heavies makes me think it would be a good notch on Big Countrys record if he can win that one.

    • this is gonna be a good fight, two fat dudes going at each other. Its lyk patrick star vs mrs puff.

      • They're gunna find out who's the bigger man. It will be a measurement of how much guts they have to get the win.

  • No Roy Nelson doesn't have a lot to gain by fighting Cormier seeing how he has much less of a chance against him than Bigfoot or Hunt (and about the same as against JDS I'd say). Cormier would do way more to boost his profile/contender status than either Bigfoot or Hunt though.

  • he does not want to fight him bc he knows he would lose. its just a bad matchup for any heavyweight bc of cormiers superior cardio.

  • It's a horrible matchup for Big Country… DC will manhandle him and beat him up… He'll put his *** on his back and he won't be able to sub DC with his top control. Just not gonna happen… He has a better chance beating Hunt… and it would be a more exciting fight.

    • While I agree with most of what you write here, I disagree that Nelson can't sub Cormier. Nelsons girth makes good top positioning difficult. I always feel slightly off balance when I roll with fat dudes and take top control (being short may also play a part). Kasi and north-south aren't too bad but mount and side mount are definitely more difficult. I only see DC utilizing the mounts. He can use this to make openings for sweeps and subs. Cormier didn't want to go to the ground with Mir and I don't see him going to the ground with Nelson either. I agree 100% that Cormier will "beat him up".

  • He should draw either Cormier or the winner of JDS / Hunt. Take a win in either of those match-ups and he's likely to get a shot @ the title. Taking the loser of CV / Bigfoot, regardless of who the winner might be, makes no (career) sense.

  • I don't think Nelson has earned a shot at Cormier yet. Cormier's last three fights are Frank Mir, Josh Barnett and Antonio Silva. That is three top ten wins in a row. Nelson's last three wins were Chieck Kongo, Matt Mitrione and Dave Herman, none of whom are even near the top ten. His last three loses are Fabricio Werdum, Frank Mir and JDS all of whom are in the top ten and one of whom Cormier just gave a solid whooping. Let's see Nelson beat a legit top ten guy before be put him in the running for a number one contender fight. IMO, Daniel Cormier should fight the winner of Cain V Silva and the winner of that fight should fight the winner of JDS V Hunt. Let Nelson fight the loser from one of those fights.