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POLL: What should be at the top of the list of things to change in MMA right now?


  • @ Bryan…..all of the things you mention need addressing….But safety must come first so therefore it has to be eye pokes. i don't want to see any guys lose their sight.

    Inactivity is a complex issue…what constitutes stalling, and what constitutes feeling the opponent out ? Where is the balance? And personally i believe that stalling is not a real big issue as there are fight bonuses on offer plus a sharp axe on the UFc table for fighters that try that crap. However you could argue that Rashad fight and hand feeling process was the worse stalling that upset the fans but there was no real consequence..complicated.

    Weigh ins ? For me something needs to be resolved with weigh ins because its seems absolutely stupid that guys punish themselves over 48 hours cutting weight only to eat a horse straight after they step off the scales. What are your thoughts on all of this Bryan ?

    • Very good points enjoylife321. In went for MMA scoring but absolutely see all the things listed in the article as needing some form of correction or revision. I think as far as weight cut all that would accomplish is 90% of the fighters moving up a division and fighting the same guys anyway with only a few staying and fighting new competition. I actually think guys like Silva, Frankie, and GSP could easily stay in their current divisions which actually might make their divisions even easier for them. Silva has been at nearly fight weight a week after his fight and GSP is so disciplined he would find a way to be able to cope and Frankie just needs to skip 1 meal. It will be guys like Bendo, Jones, Dominick and Aldo that have to move up a division.

      Eye pokes are going to be hard to figure out.

      Yellow cards would be good if it was certain there was nothing going on. You may have to have actual grapplers as refs in that case as they would be the only ones to see if a fighter is working for something or just stalling in confusion.

      Scoring is the biggest issue IMO. I think a TD is only worth 2 jabs if nothing comes from it as it is far too often a fighter wins by TD even with the other fighter getting 200 more strikes on the other. I also think Strikes from the bottom should count for the same as from the top depending on effectiveness and Attacks from the bottom should be equal to or more than TD and defence should have no points as all you are doing is hangin in and you should lose the fight from the top if your opponent is putting you in more danger than yourself.

      • I think that Cecil Peoples, Kevin Mulhall and Kim Winslow being in a row boat going down in the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by Great Whites would not be the worst thing to happen in MMA, but not wishing them any harm.

      • "I think a TD is only worth 2 jabs if nothing comes from it"
        It depends what you mean by "nothing". Passing to side control and maintain a position isn't nothing my friend.

        • @nextchamp- If nothing comes from it means if the fighter doesn't do any damage from the top, never gets close to a submission. The fighter on bottom gets back up before long, only to be taken down again immediately and then still no real offense from the fighter on top. It's just frustrating when wrestling is the only tool a guy really has that's better than his opponent's tools. And when this guy uses nothing but wrestling in order to avoid the fight. Sure he has to have submission defense in order to not get caught. If he makes it to side control then yes I would score in his favor from the moment the takedown occurred until the end of the time spent on the ground. If the fighter on bottom wasn't landing damaging strikes from the bottom. If fighter A takes down fighter B and fighter B cuts up fighter A on the face and head with elbows for 4 minutes. I would not give fighter A the round just because he got side control for the last minute of the fight. Unless he surpassed fighter B's strikes and damage, during that last minute. If neither fighter is landing strikes and fighter A quickly passed to side control, then of course he is winning because only grappling has been taking place.

        • I would agree, like I said if it is simply a TD into guard give him points as if he scored 2 strikes. If you gained an extra position you get another point but if you can't go further than your position is useless. Damage should be rated higher in a decision vs number of strikes as only damage reduces your opponent. That means wether you have damaged there flesh or cardio or confidence sending them in retreat.

      • @ falcon4917- I completely agree that even if a fighter is on his back for the majority of the fight, if he's doing more damage he should win the fight. It makes no sense whatsoever that a guy throwing mad elbows from the bottom and hurting his opponent with them, gets less points than when that guy on top only throws a few shots and they all hit the bottom fighter's gloves or arms when he sees it coming and covers up. I 2nd the takedown being worth 2 jabs at most.

    • I started answering you, but it became soo long and passionate I realized that I should just turn it into a follow up article.

      Workin on it right now!

  • I had to go with the Weigh-ins. The entire point of having weight classes is to (mostly) alleviate sheer size as a determining factor in who wins the fight. When fighters sign a contract, they agree to fight at a certain weight, but the vast majority are not actually doing that, they're just making sure to weigh in right the night before. Besides the aspect of fairness, there's other issues as well. Fighters with hard cuts often have crappy cardio as a result, putting on rather lackluster fights for the fans, and they cause themselves health problems as well (Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier are both good examples). People seeking a strength and size advantage by trading in their long term health and well-being… Isn't that one of the reasons we don't allow steroids?

    Besides that, I think it's the easiest one to see real change quickly. Most people in a weight class cut from the one weight class above it, so most of the changes to the roster would be superficial. Meanwhile, inactivity isn't a serious issue (and would probably be alleviated by people having better cardio), the scoring system can (and probably should) change gradually, and I think eye pokes are here to stay unless you get rid of BJJ. Any sort of glove which gives access to the fingers to allow a grip is also going to allow eye pokes. Sorry Joe Rogan, but I don't see it happening.

    • Weigh ins on the day of the fight is ridiculous. That would only make it more dangerous for the fighters. Many guys would still cut weight. Especially the bigger guys since they can afford to lose more water and be less affected than little guys. Fighters would push it too far and we would see more deaths once in a while. And it would be too mismatched. A guy would cut from 230 and fight at Light Heavy against a fighter that weighs 205 or 203 but doesn't want to cut 20 lbs if he doesn't have a full day to recover. It's not like everyone weighs exactly at the weight limit one weight class above where they fight. This rule would also eliminate some Heavyweight fighters. Brock never would have been able to compete. Shane Carwin also for most of his career. Bigfoot, Roy Nelson, etc. Many guys have weighed over 265 but could cut down. Except for Heavyweights, the current system is the best way to keep both fighters as close to the same size as possible. When guys like Edgar and Pettis choose not to cut very much, that is their decision. But guys like Anthony Johnson are very rare. Normally everyone is reasonably close in size and weight. Much closer than they would be if they had to weigh in and fight the same day.
      Besides, weight cutting is so advanced now these guys may be adding much more weight than we realize in just a few hours. Getting an IV of saline in both arms after weigh ins automatically will give them over 5 pounds in under an hour. It just wouldn't work though. Strokes and heart attacks would result from fighters trying to manage the new rule.

      • People choosing to continue cutting weight when they don't have the time to recover is a completely separate issue, one known as fighter stupidity. The only reason why weight cutting is even seen as an option is because of the time to recover. You say that fighters will be killing themselves by continuing to cut weight, but that is because weight cutting is dangerous.

        If they need to, they can add in more weight classes to accommodate some fighters, and I've thought they could have a superheavyweight division for some time now. Have Heavyweight stop at 240 and have SHW go from 241-280, or just be 241+.

  • I'm going with eye pokes because some referees allow the fight to continue when they didn't see it. With the speed of the exchanges and the changes in angles, I completely understand how the ref can miss it, but making a fighter continue with a bad eye is unfair. If a fighter claims an eye poke than the recuperation time should automatically be given to them. During that recovery time, instant replay should be used as in other sports,and if it was faked there should be a point deduction. I agree that there probably isn't a glove design to prevent it from happening all together.

    • koscheck would hate the instant replays

    • 100% eye pokes!
      The other things like Yellow card for lack of action and scoring system are just for people who can't understand what BJJ and wrestling is.

  • Plus 1.)Drug enhancements issues 2.)match ups leading to the #1 contenders, or even just for rankings, 3.) ……..joe rogans' stare down stalks?

    • Have to agree, great points and just as important.

  • weigh-ins for me!!! the big weigh cuts are not healthy ands its difficult to be 100 % fit at fight night!!! i think the most fighters would have more cardio without the cut

  • I disagree with the weigh ins. Fair enough weight classes are designed to take away size advantages away but I think this adds alot to MMA. Fighters need over night to get their energy back other wise your just going to have a bunch of drained fighters and this will be fustrating and boring. Safety is key and is so annoying to have watched a figh for 10 minutes then have one eighter lose by default or the fight reschedueled. My Order is as follows:

    1. Eye Pokes
    2. Scoring
    3. Yellow Card
    4. Weigh Ins

    • I have it

      2.Eye pokes(but have no idea how)
      3.Yellow card(with proper grappling refs)
      4.Weigh ins(ultimately hard to regulate and could be either really good or really bad if implemented based on wether a fighter will risk it all with cutting anyway or if they will be smart and go up a division and then there is the guys that can do it anyway.)

  • All of them, and there's no reason they can't. Sure it won't all happen this year but at least guys like Dana admit there's still work to be done and don't pretend it's all perfect the way it is.
    Eye pokes will be tough but things like scoring and weigh ins and yellow cards could be fairly simple. Yellow cards worked in Pride, weigh in the day of the fight and one of my biggest issues scoring, give them a new guideline or something cause takedowns are worth WAY too much even when the guy gets right back up. Grappling in general has very skewed scoring, the guy on the bottom can be the one doing all the damage and the guy on top just laying on him and still gets more points. Damage over position should be made clear in my opinion, it is a fight after all.

  • Super good question. For me it would be the yellow card. Stalling is a really big thing that is holding this sport back. How many of us have friends that don't like watching because of the holding and hugging? I definitely hate it. I love watching guys work for position on the ground. I love the smooth transitions and sub attempts but seriously what do rabbit punches accomplish? If you're on top and are just throwing pillow punches just to look busy, you should get a yellow card. I'm sorry but I think people should actually fight when they are I the cage. No I don't mean just street brawling but fighters should have to engage at some point during fights.

  • scoring system and yellow cards. pride had yellow cards and we worked at pretty good. they really shouldnt do same day weigh ins. theses guys are already weak enough as it is starving and dehydrating themselves the day before, the day of would kill them!

  • All good points.

    Regarding the rules being changed, I think a clear emphasis must be given to what happens in the clinch and the take downs and what happens on the ground as far too many fighters lose a round for the simple fact of being taken down despite doing more damage from the bottom, having serious submission attempts applied and getting back to their feet without any significant damage sustained. The take down must only be scored in favour if good strikes or submission attempts are obtained. Just timing a take down then stalling must not be enough to win/steal a round as although it is octagon control they could have been on the back foot for over half the round already. As far as fighting on the back foot is concerned there are several fighters who do this and rely on their counter game. In razor tight decisions those pressing the action should always be favoured IMO for several reasons, most are obvious. Another change I would bring to MMA is the round scoring system. I would much rather score a fight overall rather than points per round as one dominant round and 4 close ones doesn't mean the one with a dominant round will win even though overall most probably scored the fight to that fighter. In addition I would change the round time to 6 minutes with 5 rounds for all fights, not just title.

    Weigh ins on the same day would shake up the divisions somewhat as there'd not be many fighters cutting on fight day itself. I personally think weight should be immediately before the fight and if they don't make weight they lose their entire purse. They are supposed to be professionals after all. Were you or I being paid big bucks to make sure we are a certain weight we wouldn't risk those bucks on an extra custard doughnut and those that do would soon learn.

    I have yet to read any serious solution to the eye poke problem. Anything bulky enough to avoid eyeball compression will surely impair grappling. I agree about the refs being more aware of it but with caution as any clear rule making time outs mandatory for eye pokes be them seen or unseen is open to abuse. A thing of greater concern for me is the standard of refs in general but also fighters too. Far too often I see a guy out cold taking full on shots to the head, or clearly unconscious guys have sick submission holds on their necks. For the sake of fighter safety, refs need better training and fighters need to lose that instinct to hit until stopped. I've seen many classy fighters who know when their opponent is done and stop without the need for the ref and more of this would improve fighter safety and probably longevity for some.

  • I think the eye poke should be dealt with like a kick to the groin, if a fighter is using open palm should get warned if he or she doesn't it again take a point. If fighters start getting points taken away from them they with stop hitting with an open palm. If a fighter gets poked he or she gets five minutes to recover and the doc looks at it.