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Watch The Korean Zombie’s Last Training Session Before Aldo


UFC featherweight title challenger Chan Sung Jung got the opportunity of a lifetime when former number one contender Anthony Pettis went down with a knee injury. Set to face perennial 145 lb. champ Jose Aldo in the UFC 163 main event in two weeks, it will be a tough return to the octagon for Jung.

However, he’s a very well-rounded, dangerous fighter and arguably the most legitimate threat to Aldo’s belt outside of Frankie Edgar. The Korean Zombie recently completed what appeared to be an intense training camp for the pivotal bout, and Cor MMA caught some of the footage for his final training session.

Do you think that Jung can be the man to finally dethrone Aldo?


  • The only thing i want to say is ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah

  • This is not impressive… when a complete fighter is that tired the beast comes out, I didn't see the mental and emotional ferocity necessary to move past physical fatigue here…. Either he is completely overtrained and needs to rest… or his heart isn't in the right place.

    • He was in the 'dig deep' zone buddy that's how you make gains and improvements, It's only the last few reps that matter, again he was digging deep there after probably a hard 45 minute session.

  • He was probably already training for a while before this.

  • Zombie's kicks vs Aldos's.. Not sure if Zombie can take it…