Wanderlei Silva has been quick to fire back at Chael Sonnen’s recent challenge, going crazy via his youtube channel. The grizzly veteran makes it clear that he wants to fight Sonnen, and hurt him.

"I'm only waiting for the date and the location. Because the people want this fight and I want this fight," Silva said. "Sonnen, I will beat you up, you coward. Sonnen is a lower level fighter, don't listen to what that fool says. Now you've messed with the wrong guy and I will beat you up."

"Sonnen, you are afraid of me, and I can see it in your eyes every time we meet," Silva said. "And now I will get you Sonnen. Now I will get you. I will go into this fight not only to fight, but to hurt you. I won't do it fast either; I want a five round main event. I don't want just a co-main event, I want a full 30-minutes to punch your face."

The video, posted below, shows Silva in all his classic glory, animated and aggressive. The sketchy lighting aside, it’s good to see that The Axe Murderer is motivated.

In light of his recent request to obtain PPV points before he would agree to fight Sonnen, this could indeed be a very smart ploy by Silva. This isn’t to say that Sonnen’s pasting of Shogun isn’t motivation enough.

We got to see an awesome version of Silva stand and trade with Brian Stann, although he may have taken a bit too much punishment in that fight. I just wonder what kind of Wand will come out against a guy with Sonnen’s wrestling ability.

I’m hoping, as is Wanderlei, that the fans will get behind this fight. So after you check out the full video below, hit up @Danawhite on twitter and big up this scrap.