“BJPenn.com” caught up with Wanderlei Silva this week and other than his coaching duties and the pride that he takes in his students, the big topic of conversation was Chael Sonnen, his upcoming fight with Shogun Rua and Silva’s own thoughts on the bout and a potential match, between himself and “The American Gangster”.

Of Sonnen’s fight with Rua, Silva believes that “Shogun is going to finish his career” and even went so far as to say that he was going to bet the fight and place some money on Rua. However, bets aside and regardless of a win or a loss, Sonnen has just signed a new 5 fight contract and instead of retiring, will be moving back down to middleweight.

Taking that into consideration, Silva is open to fighting Sonnen and says that “yeah, it’s a good fight, he’s a good fighter, it’s interesting for the public, and it’s interesting for the UFC. I have no choice…the guy is offered to me, they offer to me, for sure.”

On the subject of whether or not Sonnen is good for the sport, Silva believes that he is and that he shouldn’t be blamed for knowing how to promote himself. However, “The Axe Murderer” also believes that people shouldn’t take Sonnen too seriously and that he’s a joker, who says a great deal of stuff that is not true.

To make the finer point, Silva had great fun describing Sonnen as a “clown” who wears a fake nose, oversized shoes, a funny hat and white make-up on his face.  

Silva closed out the interview by inviting any and all down to his Vegas gym, for a Saturday (12 noon) practice.

He is an impossible guy not to love and like and if I were in Vegas I’d take him up on his offer, even if it was only to meet him and shake his hand.