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Vitor Belfort vs. Lyoto Machida In The Works For November UFC Event


Reports are circulating that a potential match up between Lyoto Machida and Vitor Belfort is on the horizon. After a disappointing loss against Phil Davis, The Dragon may get another opportunity at regaining his status as a top contender.

Belfort is 4-1 in his last five, with the one loss coming against the 205lb. champion Jon Jones. This is actually a great fight in my opinion, not only for entertainment, but for the often neglected rankings system.

Belfort gets to stay busy while Silva and Weidman tie up the top of the Middleweight division, and Machida gets a tough, high profile fight to try and rebound from UFC 163.

The fight, first reported by Globo’s Combate.com, is being negotiated and would likely take place in November from Goiania, Brazil. Machida is currently in the number two spot at LHW, while Belfort holds the same position at Middleweight.

Although he is not in the top 10 at LHW, Belfort is on fire right now, and I think a good win for Machida over The Phenom would put him right back in the frame for a title shot at Jones. Glover Teixeira would probably have something to say about that, especially if he beats Ryan Bader.

Looks like potential fights between Belfort and Mousasi/Sonnen are on the backburner for now, which I’m pretty glad about. I think that Vitor has earned his number two status at 185, and a fight against Sonnen or Mousasi would just be a pointless affair. Even if Belfort loses to Machida at 205lbs., it won’t affect his Middleweight ranking.

The truth of the matter is Machida is putting in the bigger ante here. A loss to Belfort might signal the end of any potential LHW title match ups, especially in such a crowded top 10. That being said, who have you got between The Phenom and The Dragon?

  • Machida. He's just as fast as Vitor, and better technically. He also has better wrestling, both defensively and offensively should he choose to use it.

    If Vitor does not get frustrated, he will lose a decision. If he does get frustrated, which based on his behavior at recent press conferences, is more than likely, Machida will fold him like a lawn chair.

    • ehh, Vitor I would have picked to lose this last year. Now he's flexing those TRT muscles and I think he can take this. Machida got robbed in his last fight but he didn't look great. Vitor could end this. IDK if he def will though, hard to call

      • Machida looked heavy and slow (for being Machida) I think he was trying to pack more muscle because of Phils Takedowns. For the Vitor fight he will need to be faster than what he wast against Phil if not ZZZzzz for Machida

        • this fight will showcase the more effective PED.

          testosterone vs. urine.

  • Holy Sh*t this needs to happen.

  • yeah brasilian clash!

  • As a Belfort fan, I'm cool with it. It keeps VB active and against a great opponent. Let's hope it happens.

    • Vitor will need to corner Machida and let his hands fly at the right moment. He better watch some Shogun KO highlights for sure.

      • The only people who corner Machida are his corner men.

  • Have to pick Vitor based on current output but Vitor's style could play into Machida's hands if he comes in over aggressive.

    Sick fight.

  • two of the fastest counter strikers face to face, this could be a 5 minute of no action none pulling the trigger first and both waiting the other to attack to counter; but also could end up in a blink of an eye when they finally explode

    • Lets hope Vitor doesnt eat a quick front kick…dejavu?

  • I would much prefer to see Wanderlei Silva vs Vitor Belfort. Machida has become a boring counter striker that spends most of the night circling.

  • I really hope Machida destroys him. Vitor and his big mouth calling people names and his history's w PED's and TRT. I am looking forward to seeing Machida kick another hole in his face. More proof UFC is done with Vitor, they're looking to give him bad matchups and a few losses so they can cut him. C'mon Machida!