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Vitor Belfort Issues Apology For Actions at UFC on FX 8 Press Conference


Surging UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort alienated more than a few people when he asked that reporter John Morgan be beaten up at the UFC on FX 8 press conference. Morgan had brought up the inevitable topic of Belfort’s TRT use, and while ‘The Phenom” may have grown tired of answering questions about it, his reaction was viewed as unprofessional. After all, he has recently stated that he’s doing it all by the rules and regulations, so that would suggest he’s not afraid to discuss it.

However, many are quick to make Belfort the TRT scapegoat, because he’s enjoying success that even his well-documented career has not seen up until this point, knocking out two top contenders with vicious headkicks this year. The debate is a lengthy one, as many fighters like Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, and Frank Mir have all lost while having TUEs to use TRT.

Regardless of the entire subject, which may be the most prevalent discussion in MMA today, Belfort appears to have remorse for the words he used during the press conference. He came out with a statement on Twitter today apologizing for his actions:

“To all my fans and to all the reporters that was there on the after press conference I would like to ask for forgiveness the way I answer about TRT I RECOGNIZE THAT I ANWSER IN A IMMATURE WAY BUT WAS THE 10 th time that that reporter ask the same question. No excuse!! I made a WORNG call and I am here to ask for forgiveness God bless all you guys love to do what I do and I am keeping moving UP SEEKING GROW AS A MEN OF GOD AND AS A FIGHTER “DONT DOUT ME I WILL PROUVE U WORNG” PEACE”

It’s a good gesture from Belfort to apologize for his mistakes that made several people view him as arrogant with something to hide. He has fallen under a ton of scrutiny this year because he seemingly danced around the topic of TRT use before his knockout of Michael Bisping, which lead some to believe he wasn’t entirely truthful about the subject.

But like the instance of PEDs in major league baseball, it’s usually the athlete currently enjoying the most success who falls under the biggest microscope. It happened to Barry Bonds when he broke the single season record for homeruns, and now it’s happening to Belfort as he’s knocking out top-level fighters left and right in the perceived twilight of his career.

In any case, this discussion is far from over. Belfort may have cooled the fires for now, but there will always be those that attribute his success to skill and hard work, while others think it is due to the TRT. Then there will be more who are simply in the grey area in between. What do you make of Belfort’s apology?

  • I don't think his success is because of TRT alone, just a combo of TRT and experience.

  • One look at his shoulders in that pic to know something other than 'natural' levels of testosterone or other are being exceeded. I never known anyone ever get cut like that who wasn't using. I trained 4 hours a day every day when i was young and no one I can ever recall gets cut like that unless they were using.

    • Maybe you were doing it wrong.

    • If you are talking resistance training, 4 hours is WAY too long. You weren't getting cut like that because you were burning off all of your muscle.

  • As he should apologize. I was disappointed to hear about his post-fight, press conference remarks. I expect better from Vitor. If he's on TRT then he should expect to be asked about it. It he was wise, he'd come up with some "canned" answer and just repeat it whenever asked about TRT.

    With that said, at least he has apologized.

    On another note, I just realized that Belfort "probably" won't be fighting for roughly a year. If Weidman beats Silva, then Silva gets a re-match. That time-line must be at least 12 months long. If Silva wins, he will probably opt to take more time off or opt for a Super-Fight, again, this leaves Belfort without a fight for a long stretch.

    If Weidman beats Silva, I can live with the re-match and making VB wait. If, however, Silva wins, I hope Dana makes him defend his title in a timely fashion (no later than December) or makes him declare for a Super-Fight and allows for an interim 185 belt. I know one thing for sure, I don't want to see 185 sitting around for another year with an un-defended belt and no title fights.

  • Vitor most likely cannot get a licence for nevada if he is on TRT bc of getting caught 2006 for PED's. Anderson will make sure the rematch is in nevada hence denying vitor hes new "secret weapon" vitor knows this that is why he is not calling for a rematch. The guy is obviously talented but their is something wrong with his mind call it arrogance mixed with some religious mumbo jumbohe seems very arrogant and yet fragile. Without TRT his anderson rematch would likely end quite similarly to the first one.

    • ''Without TRT his anderson rematch would likely end quite similarly to the first one.'' do you really think TRT would change that? A knockout is a knockout your chin isnt gonna feel the difference and Vitor's last 2 perfomances were great and pure skill. TRT helps him train i agree but if he keeps his ratios normal or slightly above normal limit it is not only legal but he also deserves a title shot and everyone in their right mind would want to see Vitor vs Anderson 2.

      • Stronger neck muscles and faster reflexes make a KO harder to achieve. It won't be people in their right mind that will want the fight to happen with Vitor on TRT, it will be people that just want an exciting fight. People with a right mind will want the fight somwhere where Vitor has to go in without TRT. I couldn't see Vitor as a champ with him using TRT, I would see him as the 185 chump.

  • Anyone think the kicks have more to do with the fact that Vitor has been training Shotokan for the last few years? I am on the fence about TRT. If guys are using it to boost testosterone levels beyond natural levels then yeah, that is cheating. On the other hand, if guys are using TRT to maintain normal testosterone levels then I don't see how it is any different than someone taking any other medicine to replace any other substance that the body fails to make for whatever reason.

  • Here's an unpopular opinion, but I'll state it: TRT is just the newest advancement in modern medicine that enables doctors to give people a better more productive, and healthier lifestyle. It wasn't available a few decades ago, it's here now. There are many examples of how athletes would wear their bodies down over time, but new medical knowledge would make it better. Pitchers in baseball get Tommy John's surgery and throw as if they were a decade younger. Should they not be allowed to pitch? Used to be that a torn ACL was career ending, but now that can be fixed. Should GSP not be allowed to fight? Players in the NFL used to be completely dependent on their own ability to recover quickly on the sidelines, but it was realized that oxygen tanks at the bench allowed for quicker more productive rest. Is the oxygen a performance enhancing substance that should ban them?

    The point of view that TRT should be outright banned is based on two things: ignorance and fear of advancement. Even outside the realm of sports, doctors have given their assessment of medically acceptable testosterone levels in the adult male a considerable overhaul, and now actually recommend higher levels in many men which were previously considered acceptable. Whatever MMA decides will not change that. Steroids are banned because it's unfair to ask athletes to do something harmful to their body in order to stay competitive. Would you ask the same athletes to forego good medical advice just to satisfy your outdated opinion of what is fair?

    • AS much as many of us like to claim, this sport is not safety first. safety first would be avoiding the fight in the first place. This is about what is naturally given to a man. Damaging an ACL and putting it back to it's original operation is not the same as TRT bringing your testosterone up. If you have a lack of Testosterone naturally then you simply do and if you abused testosterone in the past then you have your reward now in being deficient. If you want to compete find a natural method or go home. Oxygen concentrate should be banned as well as it is not natural to be able to take in so much in such a short amount of time. If it's an issue that players can't recover quickly enough then they should train harder or understand their limits. Whats next? I hear it's safer and more advanced if we all wear nano suits that prevent damage and then the winner wins by points only proving their skill against another in that manner. Where do we draw the line? Look at guys like Fitch and others that just do proper dieting and excercise for what they want to achieve. they should be the standard for others to have the rules set to.

      • It's not quite as clear cut as that. Doing a sport which requires explosive movement makes you more prone to injuries such as a torn ACL. Additionally, when you get older, your muscles and ligaments do not have the same resiliency and elasticity as they did prior. Viewed in this way, tearing an ACL could be said to be a "natural" part of the process of being an athlete. You could always let it heal naturally without surgery, you just won't be the same afterwards. Clearly, the surgery is providing an advantage in allowing your ligament to be restored to it's previous superior state.

        As for the "find a natural method" idea, how many perfectly legitimate things that fighters do or take are not strictly speaking "natural"? You think the processed soy protein powder they're ingesting occurs in nature? The multivitamins? The painkillers? How do you define "natural"?

        As for where I draw the line, I certainly don't draw it at what is "natural". To be honest, I am interested in seeing who is a better fighter in any particular fight, not who has the best metabolism and ability to game weight classes. I think that if there is a legitimate medical procedure that, when used correctly, can safely and effectively reverse certain aspects of the aging process (what TRT basically does), then there is no harm in allowing it. Why do you feel that such restrictions should exist? Is it actually based on some sort of logic, or just a desire to continue punishing Belfort for past cheating?

        • A torn acl being healed by surgery does not make it better to the point that it is going back in time and creating performance from your acl that is likened to when you were 20 yet being 35. TRT does. If you think I am just doing this to hate on Vitor you will have to go back over my years on this site that shows he was one of my all time favourite fighters until now. I am not hypocritical though and treat all fighters the same way and if Anderson was caught same goes for him. You are not thinking with logic bringing up acl injuries being repaired as an example to be likened to TRT use. Like I have stated if you repair an acl it does not make it perform like a younger one it performs again like the age it was and very likely slighly worse. TRT shakes that up and dumps 20 year old abilities into an experienced 35 year old which creates a super version of whoever has it and they will be doing better than they ever should wether they lose or win.

          • Hence Vitors unlike him performances of late. Dan Henderson also would likely be no better than he did against Sheilds if it weren't for trt. Those guys are a joke to the industry now unfortunetly.

          • The reason I was making the ACL comparison is because of stance that people take that fighters shouldn't be able to get TRT in order to get back to normal body function because they've messed up their body using PED's. 30 years ago, they would have been treated the exact same way; you screwed up and permanently messed up your body. ***** to be you and your career is over. Now in both cases, that is no longer true, but you want TRT to not be allowed. Hence me asking if you were just wanting Vitor (or any other fighter who has blown out their system with roids) to continue to get punished for cheating in the past.

            It all comes down to this though: why in your mind is TRT different? You say an ACL being repaired makes it mostly come back, but it's probably a little worse than before, making it different because TRT causes you fight as if you were "20 when you're actually 35". What are you basing that on? I invite you to compare GSP post-ACL op to Frank Mir post-TRT. Which looks worse off compared to early in their careers? There are many other advances in nutrition, medicine, and exercise that have come about which let athletes achieve greater heights than would have been possible before. Why are you singling out TRT? I would think it certainly isn't "natural" to cut open someone's body and mess with the insides, as is done in every surgery. Why are surgeries okay, while TRT is condemned for not being "natural"?

            It's one thing to say that you think the allowable levels need to change, or the testing needs to be more frequent, or some other aspect of the rules need to change. However, you choosing to fault Vitor for playing within the rules as provided indicates that you think he is cheating. Do you not differentiate between cheating and the potential to cheat without supervision?

  • I would like to hear from Dr. Mike from the Peg on this subject, as I am on the fence on this one. At what position does the replacement become an advantage; levels that you had when you were 23? 30? 36?
    More experts or Doctors need to weigh in on this imo.