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Vitor Belfort: If You Doubt Me, I’ll Prove You Wrong


Vitor Belfort spoke to Fuel TV‘s Heidi Androl, ahead of his UFC on FX 8 headlining bout with Luke Rockhold. The UFC veteran will welcome the ex Strikeforce MW boss to the organization with a home advantage. The card, which takes place in the Arena Jaragua, will mark the second time that ‘The Phenom’ has fought on home turf this year.

Check out the interview video below and stay tuned to Lowkick for more pre-UFC on FX 8 coverage, as it comes in!

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    Vitor "God's Chosen One" Belfort.

    Even if there is a God, it takes a special type of delusional fool to believe that he cares about the outcome of an athletic event, let alone somehow help said delusional fool win.

    I'd like to hear Vitor's explanation as to why God prefers him over Rockhold…or any of his other opponents. 7 billion people in the world, which is a speck in the universe, and Vitor somehow thinks he's the chosen one. Delusional doesn't begin to describe it.

    • Speaking as a non-denominational Christian, I agree with your premise. That said and in his defense, Vitor is not the only person running around out there who believes he is "chosen".

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        Hmm…a lot of other fighters thank or praise God after a victory…but Vitor is the only one I've heard say that God is actually on his side or "in his favor."

    • Completely agree. It's almost like he has delusions of grandeur…. But, whether God exists or not is really not the point. For Belfort God does definitely exist, and for Belfort God is clearly on his side… Isn't this the ultimate reassurance? Who knows whether Belfort's belief will prove beneficial or detrimental, but it's interesting all the same.

      • But see guys… That's exactly how idiotic religion truly is. If he wins God wanted him to win and if he loses, than God just has a plan for him and he was meant to lose in order to learn something.

        Religious fanatics and extremists always have some sort of retarded logic and explanation for everything that happens. How about god doesn't give a f*ck and sh!t just happens? What's wrong with that? Why is that not a valid option?

        Everytime a fighter uses the media to preach religion, it just makes me dislike them even more.

        • yea but as long as you remain an ant on a giant planet, there will be religion. Walk along, nothing to see here that isnt usual.

        • Whats wrong is this.

          I dont go to church and I'm not into the bible. However, what do I care if he does? It has nothing to do with me. Unless their extremist like Westboro who screw with other peoples lives. I couldn't care less what somebody else believes if it doesn't affect me.

          Yeah there are some messed up people who hide behind the bible. But for most, it makes them happy and gives them that something that makes them happy in life. As long as their not trying to make my beliefs their beliefs. I couldn't care less.

          He could worship a bowl of spagetti. I say if it makes him happy, helps him better the world, and it doesn't hurt other people. Then I say more power to him. What does it matter to you? Why are you so angry? I don't know how somebody's "imaginary friend" could piss you off so badly.

          People like to spew hate and hide behind free speech. People should have the freedom of religion minus the negative commentary toss at them for no good reason at all.

  • Well, he certainly seems confident…even self-assured. We shall see. I have full-faith that Vitor will carry the day. However, should he, I believe he will carry it of his own accord and not through divine intervention.

    On that note, as much as I love Vitor, he should really stop believing that God is rooting for him, for surely he is not. God is not rooting for any athlete or any team, over another. To be honest, God frowns upon competition. It's really not part of The Lord's plan. It's actually quite the opposite. There are many things to pray to and thank God for, however, victory in The Octagon is not one of them.

    Belfort, by secular KO.

  • ''Vitor Roid Rage Come Out Now!..Bless Is to God''

  • I agree Vitor has gone a little bit too far with his constant divine explanations for everything "God this, God that etc'' but at the same time he seems more focused and in top shape than ever so i guess his dedication in ''God '' really pays off for him ,TRT included
    Despite the above mentioned i 'm always rooting for the Phenom.
    I llike him being old school in regards to fighting
    War Vitor!! 🙂

  • Vitor looks more hyped up than ever.
    and he is fighting in Brazil….
    Rockhold is gonna have a rough night for sure…

  • God has a way of powering people..the devine spirt, if you believe you can win so does god. And once that is instilled in you…nothing stops you. Untill you get hit in the face by Luke Rockhold.