UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort has been in the news a lot lately for knocking his opponents out left and right with a diverse array of kicks. He’s also been in the news perhaps even more for his well-publicized use of TRT in the midst of his wins over Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold.

While he’s publicly stated that he has a conscience and uses the therapy along the guidelines of all regulatory boards, his recent success at an older age is still attributed to TRT. Several other fighters use it, but Belfort was busted for steroids in the past, and many think that is the reason he requires the therapy.

Regardless of what anybody thinks, however, he’s fighting at an absolutely insane level right now. And that has him on the cusp of getting another UFC middleweight title shot. He believes his recent body of work is enough to pay his dues, and he’s more about fighting than talking his way into title fights:

"Everyone is about fighting for the title, and they want to get themselves there by selling fights, picking fights, talking trash on Twitter. I'm not saying they're wrong. It's a style. I'm not criticizing or judging them, because I don't have that right.”

"But I have the right to work hard and to ask people to recognize that work. That's the way I want to get to the top, and I believe I made it. I believe I've done everything necessary." - via MMA Junkie

Indeed Belfort has put on some amazing fights for the fans and let his fists and feet do the talking. He’s looked incredible as of late, and it’s getting very tough to deny him a chance to fight the very best in the world. But it’s also getting very hard to book him a main event any other place than Brazil, as NSAC Commissioner Keith Kizer has stated that Belfort would not be granted a license to fight in Nevada due to his past failing for anabolic steroids.

A similar situation could unfold in the state of California as well. It’s a touchy subject for the UFC to be certain, but Belfort thinks he’s done all he can to succeed the right way:

"I'm fighting in main events, winning fights, shocking everybody. I'm right there, and they know that. Now it's just waiting to see if I've done enough."

"You cannot go against results, so look at my results. That's what I mean. Some people earn, and some people don't. They try to get there without earning it. I believe in every area of my life, I earn — and I earn through the glory of God."

Belfort seems to be giving himself a ton of credit, and his wins have no doubt been very impressive. His return to the UFC has been successful. But it is due to hard work, or is it a combination of training and TRT? He failed to mention any assistance from the therapeutic use.

Does he deserve to fight for another UFC title outright with the stigma of TRT following him around like a black cloud? And should he maybe reign it in a bit with the media before he starts feeling sorry for himself?