Vitor Belfort vs. Alan Belcher set for UFC 153 in Brazil

Vitor Belfort vs. Alan Belcher set for UFC 153 in Brazil


It looks like Alan “The Talent” Belcher got what he asked for.

Top 5 Middleweight opened his campaign for a fight with Vitor Belfort on Twitter, asking fans to retweet his plea for a fight with “The Phenom”. Thirty-five retweets were enoough to convince Dana White, as Vitor Belfort tweeted earlier today that he’s facing “The Talent” in Rio de Janeiro, on October 13th.

The winner of this match-up will find himself in pole position for a shot at the UFC Middleweight title, right next to Chris Weidman, and Michael “The Count” Bisping, who faces Brian Stann at UFC 152.

Belcher is currently 9-4 in his UFC campaign, currently enjoying a four-fight win streak. Belfort is 3-1 in his second coming to the UFC, with victories over Rich Franklin, Yoshihiro Akiyama and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

UFC 153 is headlined by the Featherweight title collision between Jose Aldo and Erik Koch. Belfort vs. Belcher is expected to co-headline, while Glover Teixeira vs. Quinton Jackson add more KO power to the already stacked main card line-up.

Stay tuned to for more.

Further Reading: Alan Belcher ranked #4 on Middleweight rankings, Vitor Belfort is at #6

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  • ny2ut2id2nv

    Good looking card. So far…..

  • Kackvogel

    vitor by first round tko

  • Buragash

    very good matchup with title implications IMO. Both fighters have great striking and ground game. I remember the excitement I felt after Belcher managed to escape Palhares’s Heel hook and pickup the W, similarly I remember being at the edge of my sit when Vitor was able to pick up the win after weathering Johnson’s GnP.

    I think Vitor has a slight advantage in the striking department plus he will have the home advantage as they are fighting in Brazil, I like both fighters and don’t want to see any loose. In the end the fans win cause this is just an awesome match-up

  • Satinover

    must win fight for belfort. Wouldn’t be surprised if belcher gave vitor a good run for his money here.

  • Brasil

    Nice! Me like it.

  • KeithFarrell

    What a nasty match up! Even better this is one of three great match ups with superstar name value. So most likely even if injuries occur there will still be a beast of a fight left.

    Props to Belcher for wanting to take it behind enemy lines, especially Brazil.

  • HunterB

    Belcher all day long.

  • KeithFarrell

    Hard fight to call, a heavy hitting Muay Thai stylist against a incredibly fast boxer with scary 1 punch KO power.

    Should be a tough fight since this is one of the better strikes Belfort has fought in the last couple of years, not named Anderson Silva.

    Think I will go with Belfort, mainly due to his speed and KO power advantage.
    One more thing which will put the favour in Vitor’s corner is home advantage, something that has proven hugely advantageous in Brazil.

  • mindkontrolle

    Belcher, by belch to the face.

  • Akordas

    Im so exciding because of Belcher. A way he beated Palhares was amazing.

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Lot of kids thinking Belcher is some kind of wold beater….

    Vitor will likely smash that train. Cant wait for the fight… know…..until someone gets injured

  • cranestyle

    Belcher by Silva-esque destruction.

  • codemaster

    This is the fight hardcore MMA fans are looking for.

    It has contender implications, and both fighters are well rounded, highly skilled mixed martial artists.

    I probably give Vitor the edge in the standup, though Belcher is no slouch in striking, but Belcher’s GnP will be levels better than Anthony Johnson’s, so Belfort better not end up on the bottom.

    Whoever prevails in this matchup can notch a high quality win in the MW division and make their case for a title shot.

  • DR3W

    Belcher is tough talented and skilled…i dont see vitor running through him

  • gm1

    Belcher is very smart…He will not stand in front of Vitor. He is going to take Vitor to the ground and beat the snot out of him. Vitor wrestling is at best is a 6…..