Vitor Belfort Accuses Chris Weidman Of Stalling

Vitor Belfort Accuses Chris Weidman Of Stalling


UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort has had a fair amount of accusations thrown his way recently, now he looks to dish out the dissing…

Resurgent two-time UFC champion Vitor Belfort has been the subject of much controversy in the last year; having seen out 2013 with three crushing knockouts over tough competition, “The Phenom” was granted his shot at Chris Weidman’s middleweight title. That was, until the whole TRT ban meant Lyoto Machida fought “The All-American” at UFC 175.

Alas, Belfort still managed to get licensed to fight in Nevada, even with his admission of a TRT super shot, and follow up test fail. Then came the news that Chris Weidman was injured, and out of his UFC 181 title defense against Belfort. Seemingly very angry, Belfort spoke to Combate, transcribed by MMAMania, to voice his displeasure about Weidman’s injury:

“I didn’t believe in the beginning. After all, it’s his second straight title defense that had to be delayed because of an injury. I think that all titleholders who have more than one injury, the UFC should create an interim title in their divisions. Nobody would lose. Not the fans, not the fighters, not the UFC, only the injured athlete. Injuries are part of the sport, because we have to train at a high-level pace. But hurting himself twice in a row with such little time in his career? Are you kidding me? To me, he wanted to keep his belt during Christmas and that was the only way.”

Just before we continue, how awesome would it be to see Vitor Belfort vs Chris Weidman on the same card as Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva at UFC 183? Anyway, the Brazilian knock out artist is clearly emptying both barrels at “The All-American” here, but what does the postponement of his middleweight title shot really mean for “The Phenom”?

Personally, I feel that the timing may be just right for Belfort, hear me out; this way, the Brazilian “Phenom” has (in theory) more time to prepare than Weidman does, but also to whip his slightly soft looking physique in to better shape. I’m not bashing Belfort here, but it would be foolish to consider his loss in density at the same time as he lost TRT as a coincidence, right? So what of the accusations above, is Belfort really mad or trying to play mind games through the media?

Weidman had a quick response for Belfort at today’s UFC 178 weigh-ins:

“Well, Vitor, last time we were scheduled to fight, you pulled out because you failed a drug test. So why don’t you just focus on passing drug tests and I’ll focus on February, and it’ll end for you there.”

  • murderous1

    Stalling again the Chris is scared of the Phenom who never throws shots to the body or the legs short circuit specialist

  • Bobby_Allstead

    You tell him Vitor! And I agree.

    • SpaceJam

      So its official, Vitor and all his fans get together and smoke weed with Nick and Nate Diaz. Do I recall Vitor pulling out of his fight with Chris because of the whole TRT thing?? Was Vitor stalling because he didn’t want to get his ass whooped?? Chris Weidman literally just fractured his hand and you mongoloids have the audacity to say Chris is stalling?? As Ray Longo would say, “Get tha fuck outta here!!”

  • dropkickmurphy

    Says the guy who has backed out of more fights than anyone in UFC history.

  • murderous1

    But the Chris fought Machida with one hand and your Chael McGregor was on embedded with one hand wrapped excuse with baldfather already ready he cannot beat Carpenter Mendes or knees to the moon hard leg kicks that bypass adrenaline NBK Sir ALDO

  • murderous1

    He didn’t pull out he was forced out SJ Bka Entity