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Vinny Magalhaes: If I get Phil Davis into something, I’m going to hurt him


Chael Sonnen’s BJJ coach Vinny Malgahaes has seemed to have taken a liking to the brazen style of his famous student. The ADCC and World Jiu-jitsu Championship winner is set to face off with Phil Davis at this weekend’s UFC 159, and the war of words between the two has reached a torrid pace. Magalhaes appeared on this week’s “MMA Hour” to discuss just how far he’s willing to go should he get Davis into a fight-ending submission:

“I hope they could have two referees in the cage, because if I get a chance, I’m going to pop his arm. I did that against Igor [Pokrajac], I tapped him out and I kept holding. And I think its not going to be any different for Phil. If I get him into something I’m going to hurt him. I’m not saying break it, just make him feel it for a week. When I fought Igor, three hours later he was still putting ice on his elbow. I think it’s not going to be any different with Phil.”

Indeed Magalhaes and Davis have gotten very heated heading into their light heavyweight tilt, as Davis has proclaimed that he has the ability to submit the Brazilian. That’s of course something that Magalhaes took great offense to, and responded:

“I think the way he said it implies, when a guy like Phil Davis says he’s going to submit me, that’s a trap. That’s super-delusional. I’ve never been submitted in a no-gi match. That’s the closest thing you can get to a UFC fight. In a grappling match there are no punches, but here’s the thing. When you go to a grappling match, when you engage to grappling in an MMA match, there is no punching either. Once you engage to a submission, it’s pure submission fighting, no matter if it is MMA or a grappling match. And in that case there is no way he can get a submission.”

It’s going to be very tough to submit Magalhaes this Saturday, even for a grappling expert like Davis. ‘Mr. Wonderful’ has a submission hold named after him, and is also the only man to ever submit Alexander Gustafsson. But none of that means anything to one of the world’s best BJJ practitioners in Magalhaes.

While this bout is remaining somewhat under the radar as most of the focus on UFC 159 surrounds Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, it might be the fight with the most amount of genuine bad blood. Michael Bisping vs. Alan Belcher has to be the other one, with both fighters making some outlandish bets on themselves. However, while Bisping and Belcher are known strikers, Magalhaes and Davis will look for the grappling win to prove a point. Who is your pick to come out on top?

  • For some reason I dont like this guy and no….it is not because he trained Chael because I do like Chael…..think he is jus a cocky bully…..anyway if he beats Phil (I doubt he will) he could be a good test for Jones on the ground.

    • Yeah he might be a good test for Jones on the ground… If Jones felt like taking it their. Phil Davis has mediocre stand up at best. He will have to take this fight down and risk being submitted. I don't see it happening. He'll use his wrestling to smother Vinny and keep positioning in his favor. Strong Wrestling >BJJ 85% of the time. Vinny said chael would submit Anderson Silva lol I don't trust this man's BJJ knowledge. (j.p he has a great BJJ pedigree and he had to

  • My biased opinoin isnt worth **** because i have background in BJJ but i dont see Davis having any chance to submit Magalhaes. We are talking about a guy who walked into the ADCC tournament and told all the best grapplers in the world at his weight that he was going to win by flying armbar. He beat all of his opponents via flying armbar. **** still blows my mind till this day. Easily One of the best no gi grapplers whos ever lived

  • Maybe Phil Davis will just submit him with strikes. Davis will probably look to keep it standing and then win pretty easily in the striking game.

  • And of course if that did happen, I meant after he drops him and keeps pounding. Not submission due to strikes while still standing. I'm not being literal but if Davis breaks this guy's will by outstriking him. Then when he gives up he'll be submitting by the real definition of the word. Not the MMA definition.