VIDEO: Vitor Belfort KO’s Michael Bisping

VIDEO: Vitor Belfort KO’s Michael Bisping


Multi-time MMA champion Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort proved he’s still one of the most dangerous MMA fighters on the planet by a vicious high kick TKO victory over Michael Bisping in Brazil. Bisping opened well by implementing stick-and-move tactics, but Belfort responded with a well-timed power strikes that saw the Brit battered towards the end of Round 1. The fight ended with Belfort high-kicking Bisping, followed by a fight-ending ground strikes.

  • Akordas

    I think mw division will freeze. What ever Belfort fight will get where is a big risk of injury and he will pull out. He gets injured a lot.

  • Brian Cox

    I jumped up out of my chair last night, when that happened. That was a thing of beauty. If you were a Belfort fan, that was just awesome. If you're a Bisping fan, not so much.

  • Kackvogel

    5 am in germany and i was screaming in front of my pc!!! vitor is the 2 MW in the world and i think a rematch vs silva would be great!!! let him fight lombard or weidman next, and if he can win let him fight silva again!!!

    and for all the bisping talk …hope we all agree on his gatekeeper status now!!!

    • PukeVomit

      ich zieh mir auch immer jedes event live rein. gibt nix besseres 😉

      • Kackvogel

        ich wußte das es noch mehr verrückte wie mich gibt!!! 😀

  • thatloudguy

    i was on my feet screaming! wicked head kick!

  • fenomnx

    I'd like to see Belfort vs Silva 2. And I'd like to see Lombard vs Bisping.

    • Brian Cox

      Lombard would be a really bad fight for Bisping, right now and he's already scheduled to fight Okami (March 3rd). Personally, I feel if Lombard beats Okami, he should get a shot at Silva.

      We need to stop having challenge matches and actually have challengers. Vitor has earned it, IMO. Weidman when he comes back, has already earned it, IMO. And if Lombard puts Okami away, he too, will have earned it. IMO.

      Bisping / Munoz might be a reasonable pairing. Both are coming off of losses as #1 contenders.

  • Shogun91

    he didn't punch him with 2 clear shots on the bisping was getting recovered

  • InfiniteEnigma

    now vitor fails the drug test. i know, i am being a smart ass, really wanted him to win, but ped's is quite the possibility. that would suck, whip mike like we all wanted to see, then fail the test.

    • DR3W

      Nah he was huge for the jones fight. He has found a new drive and focus it seems. Its fun to watch that is for sure.