At UFC 167 Johny Hendricks gave St-Pierre the beating of his career but was unable to take his belt. The fight had one of the most controversial outcomes in recent history, the majority of people including Dana White thought Hendricks had won the fight. It has been a week now since the fight and everyone is still talking about it.

After the controversial results were announced St-Pierre told Joe Rogan that he was "hanging up his gloves for a little bit". The current talk is not just about who won the fight but about GSP's future in the sport.

One man who has a lot to say on the subject is Hendricks himself. Hendricks spoke to Ron Kruck of "Inside MMA" on Friday, the no beardless Hendricks did not hold back with his thoughts.

“Dude I’ve got three kids. You know what I’m saying? Talk about sleep? Are you kidding me?” Hendricks said. “Everybody’s got problems in life. That’s the way that it is. If you can’t handle the stress of being champion, give it up. We chose to get into that octagon. We chose not to sleep. I don’t know how many times I went to bed at 5, 6 o’clock in the morning, waking up at 10, running four miles because I wanted to beat GSP that bad. Dude, who cares? I chose that life. Tell yourself whatever you need to. Just get back in that octagon with me, and I can’t wait for the rematch.”

UFC president Dana White has said numerous times in interviews since the fight that St-Pierre is not retired. White also has stated that the fight could be booked soon. How soon that is, however, is yet to be revealed.