Video: Chris Weidman Gets Bottles Smashed Over His Head By NFL Stars

Video: Chris Weidman Gets Bottles Smashed Over His Head By NFL Stars


Chris Weidman is without doubt one of the toughest competitors in mixed martial arts. The undefeated middleweight champion proved this when he knocked out Anderson Silva for the first time in his career, to capture his 185lb. crown.

“The All-American” is just under a week away now from his highly anticipated rematch with the Brazilian legend at UFC 169. The fight will be Weidman’s most important match of his career, another win over Silva will cement his legacy forever.

However, if you think the champ has been locked away 24/7 preparing for Silva, think again.

Checkout the video below as Weidman jokes around with former NFL players Darren Woodson and Damien Woody. “The All-American” demonstrates his toughness by allowing the NFL stars to break numerous bottles over his head. Something which I wouldn’t advise.

Weidman is set to battle with Silva next Saturday night in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  • falcon4917

    Probably that sugar glass as it broke so easily. he wouldn't be stupid enough to risk real glass before a fight with Silva.

    • adobostreak

      wow, nothing gets past you!

      • falcon4917

        Its all in the details. Its all in the details. You can apprentice anytime.

  • watermelon fresh

    Lmao… Agreed. No way that was real glass. Can you imagine the bald father's reaction if Weidman were actually letting guys break beer bottles over his dome prior to a huge PPV fight!!!! F bombs would be plentiful!

  • wendell-m-tan


  • grandslam

    Stupidest thing I've ever seen.

  • Entity

    I knew it would be something silly.

    • Brian Cox

      Stewie, the only thing I thought when I watch it…was what you might have come up with, had you been allowed to write it. I"m sure it would have been eminently funnier, but then again, that would mean this was funny in the first place…and it was not.

      • Entity

        Silva will bring thick German Lager bottles with him on the 28th lol

        • Brian Cox

          Or maybe those old school milk bottles; perhaps a brick shaped like a bottle.

      • Entity

        I might try writing an article or two after I move this coming week, see how it goes.

        • Brian Cox

          Moving over Christmas? That *****, Stewie; best of luck with the move.

          • Entity

            yea those guys want me to start Dec 30th. Makes things a pain for sure. But with this deal, I cant say no.

  • Michael Ruatfela

    Merry ChristmAS Lowkickers