There has been much talk of super-fights over the years, yet none have ever materialized. However, this week at the UFC World Tour in New York City, we (at least) got to see a stare-down from, what could be, a super-fight that might actually happen; Velasquez / Jones.

With a reporter posing the question about a possible show-down between the light and heavyweight champions, Jones stood up, turned to face Velasquez, Cain followed suit and with the two laughing, photographs were snapped and MMA fans around the world were given something to chew on for the next year or so.

On the chance that a fight between the two might actually come to fruition, what might the outcome be?

Jones is the taller fighter (by 3 inches) and the younger man (by 5 years) and has the longer reach (by 7.5 inches), but he would also be considerably lighter (by 25 pounds); working off the assumption that Jon would enter the heavyweight division at 225.

Cain is the more decorated wrestler and could well have better cardio. Jones is more dynamic. Both are explosive.

In considering the question and seeing the two lined up, it’s hard for me to see Jones beating Velasquez. However, without seeing “JBJ” at weight (225 lbs.) and in shape, it’s a really not a fair to Jones to say that he’d lose. It’s even harder when we consider his reach advantage and that he’s very good at using it.

All of that said, it might be reasonable to split the difference between the two and say that Cain would have to take the fight to the ground to win and that if it were to remain standing, that Jones would secure the victory.

However, before we put our belts in a blender and start crossing off days on the calendar waiting on it, we should consider a few other factors. Namely, that Cain must not only win a re-match with Junior Dos Santos and survive his own division for a year or more, but also, that Jones must do the same thing. He must survive a quality challenger in the person of Alexander Gustafsson, as well as potential matches with Machida, Davis and Teixeira.

Beyond that, Jones may also have to survive the formidable presence of Daniel Cormier in the division, as well.

All-in-all, there are a lot of “ifs” in the scenario and a good number of things that could derail a Jones / Velasquez super-fight. Taking that into consideration and should both fighters emerge victorious from their next bouts, maybe the best thing to do regarding a fight between the them would be to simply schedule it and “make” it happen.  

For until Dana White makes up his mind to pull the trigger on a super-fight, none of them may ever materialize. If he’s serious about the subject, then all he need do is open up his wallet, throw some money at the issue and tell fighter “X” and fighter “Y” that this is a bout that he wants to put on and then remove any other obstacles that might prevent it. Then and only then, will the fans be guaranteed that that they’ll actually see a super-fight.

*Relevant clip starts at the 36 minute mark.

Video courtesy of the UFC.