Another day, another twist in the never-ending saga around UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre’s supposed ‘vacation.’ Since his questionable win over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, the beleaguered titleholder has denied all of the many rumors surrounding his proposed time off from MMA.

But that’s not going to stop him from getting back in the gym. Already. St. Pierre showed up at his home of TriStar gym to teach a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu class for several students. Here’s a look at the scene courtesy of TriStar’s Facebook Page:

Interesting. St. Pierre did recently say that he is still stepping out from the sport, but it’s clear that his heart simply lies in MMA. Perhaps his emotions got the best of him following his war with Hendricks. GSP took to Twitter to clarify his tutelage:

What GSP does with his time is his business. But his statement about leaving the cage was vague to say the least, and his actions are beginning to show he doesn’t really want to stray all that far from fighting.

What is your take on the situation? You’d have to think that if St. Pierre truly wanted to walk away from the sport he loves, even for a little while, he wouldn’t be doing something like this.

Will the champ be ready to fight sooner than he has lead us to believe?