Urijah Faber Wants To Face Dominick Cruz At UFC 175 In July

Urijah Faber Wants To Face Dominick Cruz At UFC 175 In July


Urijah Faber just completed a four fight winning streak by taking a title challenge loss – round one TKO – to Renan Barao at UFC 169 in February.  

The bout marked Faber’s second fight with the bantamweight champion and resultantly, an encore defeat at his hands.

Now, with his career bookended by Barao setbacks, Faber is looking to step back into the ring with another fighter that he’s faced before.

Hoping to fight on the UFC’s July 5th TBD vs. TBD card in Las Vegas, Faber has let it be known that he’d like to take on his old rival Dominick Cruz at the “Sin City” event. As it stands, the pay-per-view has no fighters or fights assigned to it and would be open for the fixing of the match.

However, and in the same UFC Tonight tweet, Cruz’s manager has stated that “The Dominator” might not be healed up from his groin injury in time to make the July date.  

If Cruz could be healed up and make the night, it would stand as a great match and one that the promotion could easily hype.

Faber is the number one ranked fighter in the bantamweight division and Cruz a four time (cumulatively) UFC and WEC undefeated champion. Sitting at number nine in the 135 pound weight class and having only vacated his belt due to injuries, a match with Faber might be the perfect place to start the former champ off upon his return to the brand.

Additionally, there’s also the interest in their trilogy. As the pair have fought twice before, with each taking home a win, a third fight between the dyad is an easy sell and would make for a great co-main event, if not a main. Of course, the fact that it would be Cruz’s first fight back in nearly three years wouldn’t hurt either.        

In terms of a match between the two, it would be interesting to see how “The Dominator” looks after three years of layoff, as well as seeing how Faber does without the coach – Duane Ludwig – that turned his career around in 2013.

Of course, the UFC might not be paying any attention to this at all. Chances might be good that if Cruz is healthy and ready to go before Barao’s next fight is booked, that the promotion may look to do Barao vs. Cruz and not Cruz vs. Faber. After all, that was the original plan.  

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/sporattik sporattik

    Cruz was one of my favourite fighters to watch with his unique style of movement and fast pace. But if he gets one more big injury he may as well stop fighting and stick to coaching. If this fight happens l'll go with Cruz to win the rubber match as long as his knee holds up.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/D D

    Cruz is a great fighter, but even when he was at the top of his game, it's not like he dominated Faber. It was a close fight. I can't see him coming off a 3 year layoff and beating Faber, let alone Barao.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/ripstic5021 ripstic5021

    I am really not a fan of this division any more and I have never been a fan of flyweight. There is absolutely no need for 3 divisions under 155 pounds, it's pretty watered down and widespread with talent. They need to remove the 135 and 145 divisions and implement a 140 lb division. The fighters at 135 can either go to 140 or 125 and the 145 lb fighters go to 155 or 140. This would make for better fights, more serious contenders and an overall better system in UFC. This will also help cut out some of the lesser talent in those divisions. There is no 165 and 175 lb divisions for good reason. There's too many fighters under 155 and it's not exciting or interesting.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/IGMBurninPiff IGMBurninPiff

    Cruz coming off such a long lay off will be at a real disadvantage. I don't like the match up really only because if Urijah wins then he's right back at number 1 which is no doubt why he's asking for it. I don't believe he beats Barao next time either leaving him in a spot where he can't challenge for a belt as long as Barao holds it which is going to be a LONG time. So getting Faber back into the title fight and losing leaves him forced to change weight classes or just gate keep for a longggg time.