Undefeated Mexican Frank Trevino signs with UFC

Undefeated Mexican Frank Trevino signs with UFC


The UFC has signed undefeated Legacy FC veteran Frank Trevino. The Mexican fighters manager, Wade Hampel, announced to MMAJunkie.com yesterday that Trevino had signed a four fight deal with the UFC.

Trevino previously fought at welterweight where he has racked up eleven straight wins, with eight finishes. In his most recent outing, the Mexican beat Lester Batres and weighed only 166lbs. The fighter is expected to drop to the lightweight division for his UFC debut.

A date and opponent are yet to be setup for Trevino but the fighter hopes his debut will be on the UFC’s first card in Mexico, where the fighter was born and raised.

“Frank really wants to represent the Mexican people, and wants to become the new face of Mexican MMA,” said Trevino’s manager.

The UFC is set to hold it’s first ever event in Mexcio’s capital,Mexico City, sometime next year. Rumours that a Heavyweight title fight between current champ Cain Velasquez and Fabrico Werdum could headline the card, were shot down by Dana White earlier this month due to the Champs injured shoulder.

But things may have changed. Yesterday Velasquez’s trainer Bob Cook told MMAJunkie that his fighter could still compete if he gets a positive prognosis on a still-healing shoulder injury. Velasquez injured his shoulder in his latest win over Junior Dos Santos at UFC 166.

If Velasquez doesn’t require surgery the UFC could debut in Mexico earlier that White thought. Giving Trevino the perfect chance to represent himself and his country.

Trevino will join Erik Perez as one of only two native Mexicans in the UFC. Perez currently competes in the bantamweight division and has voiced his desire to become the “face of Mexican MMA.” If Trevino gets his way, Perez may have some competition.

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BruceLee Bruce Lee

    The UFC unintentially leaves you with the impression that the majority of the best fighters in the world are American because 1) the sport flourished in the US first creating a fan base of future fighters who are now arriving on the scene now, and 2) the UFC draws on the lower tier fight organizations.

    Of course other fighting nations like Japan and Brazil etc are also involved. What we are seeing now is the top fighters from other countries are starting to show up: the Canadians, the Russians, the British. I think we can expect to see the best from other coutries to start showing up in the UFC – like China, India etc. in addition, smaller countries with a fighting history like Mexico are going to start showing up.

    The first generation of UFC was tough men and specific martial arts specialists. The second generation was specialists who broadened their skill set. The third generation is the arrival of fighters who trained in all aspect of fighting styles. I suspect we will, more and more, see more and more second and third generation fighters form other countries such as Mexico, Cuba etc.

    You can see I'm in a looong boring meeting and typing on my phone for excitement.

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      Typing that long on a cell phone kills me lol

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    Ha! Take that Cain you false prophet…..Oh, I better close the windows now, it's going to rain "weaks" lol

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    The LHW division is soooooo stacked right now! Lots of incredible match ups !!!